After the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution in the state Duma plan to change the Labour code.

Employers propose to oblige morally and financially to encourage employees. Such rules would make the state Duma after adoption of the amendments to the Constitution, a nationwide vote which will take place on 1 July. As have explained “news” in the faction “United Russia”, now in the basic law made General provisions on the social partnership and respect for the work that will be specified in separate documents.

In the opposition factions reacted to the initiative is critical. They think that we should start with raising the minimum Wage, and encourage — an ethical issue employers. But the Federation of independent trade unions and experts supported the idea.

On a vote to amend the Constitution imposed a number of social amendments, which would require further clarification in the Federal legislation, recalled “news” the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev.

— They are guaranteed to protect the dignity of citizens and respect of human labor, provided the balance of rights and obligations of a citizen and also where the situation on social partnership, the implementation of the principles of which the Constitution rests with the government. All they need to get further in the Labor code (LC). Including should appear in the rule, which will oblige employers to establish forms of moral and material stimulation of workers, — said the MP.

Also in the “United Russia” I consider it important to register in the TC the mandatory support of veterans of labor and the development of the mentoring system.

— These rules, I think, could be combined with the draft law on remote work, which this week was submitted to the Duma and issued by the party on the national discussion. I think we could take it during the autumn session, the MP said, noting that today most Russians are concerned about long working hours.

the draft law on remote work introduce amendments to the Labour code. Its authors are the speakers of both chambers of the Russian Parliament — the head of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko and the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, deputies and senators. The document defines three types of remote employment: permanent, temporary and combination. In addition, it prescribed the right of an employee on remote to be offline. It is planned that the new rules will come into force from 1 January 2021.

— the Basic principles of regulation of labour and directly related relations are built on the basis of the universally recognized principles and norms of international law and in accordance with the Constitution. After reviewing the draft document will be determined by the position of the ve��of omstva, — said the Agency.

In the opposition factions reacted to the initiative of “United Russia” skeptical, and some even critical.

— Thanks, the encouragement is certainly good and emotionally pleasing. Social partnership should be developed, but above all, it should be done, raising the minimum wage. The work should be adequately paid, and it is clearly undervalued. The lack of a working person when, receiving a small salary, and still pays income tax, puts his family above the poverty line, — told “Izvestia”, Deputy Chairman of the LDPR faction, the head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov.

— It is more the moral issues of work ethics, — said the Deputy.

the representative of the faction of the Communist party, head of the Duma Committee on regional policy, problems of North and Far East Nikolai Kharitonov believes that the majority of employers and so are used today in a system of various incentives, so that a separate legislation in TC on this topic is not needed.

— I myself worked as a Manager of an agribusiness. Had the opportunity, we encouraged staff and anybody about it did not ask. Horse feed will not, it will not run. And without a good word you will fall. It’s all well and understand, he said.

After the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution, changes will need to be made in many laws, including the Labour code. Of course, all that refers to material or other incentive for highly productive labor, good and right, it can be maintained, and will be useful. When this initiative will develop, we carefully review — he explained his position.

the Head of the political expert group Konstantin Kalachev noted that the concept of “social state”, which is attached amendments to the Constitution obviously requires additions at the legislative level. According to him, the state Duma after the nationwide vote, make a number of social bills that will have to reflect the stated values of justice, respect for work and others. The expert believes that the alleged initiative will obviously meet the demands of the workers.