On the background of the pandemic are talking about the rapid spread of extremist ideas

Established on the planet a turbulent situation because of the pandemic coronavirus contributes and will contribute to activity of assorted extremists – jihadis to the far right. “Good”, a feeling of General confusion, distrust between people and the outbursts of xenophobic antics and discriminatie “others”, creates a fertile environment for the spread of hateful views. Monday, April 20, in tel Aviv had released a report on the situation of antisemitism in the world who is in the grip of a nightmare coronavirus.

In early April, the assistant security Director of infrastructure Ministry of internal security of the United States Brian Harrell stated that against the backdrop of the unfolding crisis coronavirus on the Internet, a growing number of statements designed to encourage violence or to use the current situation as an excuse to spread hatred.

At the time, as the radical Islamists consider the coronavirus as God-sent punishment for the “pagans” and “infidels” Western right-wing politicians blame the current difficult situation, some insidious force – from their own governments, unable to cope with the crisis, to China and the Jews portraying as a “scapegoat” immigrants, members of other races. All this is potentially very dangerous not only now but in the future.

in Presenting the tel Aviv University report on the situation with anti-Semitism, the President of the European Jewish Congress and the “world Holocaust forum” Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor was not spared the problems caused by the pandemic coronavirus.

People were forced to live in isolation, while rising unemployment – on this background many people tend to seek simplistic solutions and blame. Emerged on the wave of fears of disease and socio-economic impacts are actively used by extremists and populists of all stripes, spread ideas of racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

According to Cantor, since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus much more often began to sound accusations against the Jews who supposedly stand for the spread of the virus or directly cashing in on the situation. There is a return to traditional, classic stereotypes, similar to the medieval bloody slander. Among those who spread primarily through the Internet – these days such conspiracy theories, not just fractions of extremist public, but also political and religious leaders, journalists, scientists, artists, etc.

amid the spread of mers far-right activists reach in with��Oia hate to calls to extend COVID-19 among the Jews. (And in the U.S. in addition, far-right chat rooms, talks about the fact that the same must be done against blacks).

“the Spread of extremism, conspiracy theories and xenophobia, – says the President of the European Jewish Congress is happening at a time when many Jewish communities around the world feel increasing danger.”

last year was recorded a serious increase in the number of anti – Semitic incidents of violence at 18% (and the highest level since 2014). All the world was 456 serious anti-Semitic incidents of violence. As a result of such crimes, killing seven people.

According to the report, the number of major violent anti-Semitic incidents in the world leads UK (122), the second place is the United States (111, and in the U.S. widespread new phenomenon – a growing number of violent acts of anti-Semitism in the form inspired by the ideologies of right-wing mass executions with a large number of victims), the third place is shared by France and Germany (41). One of the most striking examples of this violence was the attack by far-right extremists on a synagogue in the German city of Halle in the Yom-Kippur in October last year. The attacker, a German citizen Stefan Balliet, was inspired by the example of Aussie Brenton Tarrant, staged a massacre in two mosques in new Zealand Christchurch.

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