Eighteen hours long-fought twenty-eight heads of government on Tuesday the occupation of Brussels lace items. Democracy is exhausting. But it was democracy for what has happened since in Europe, building on the Rue de la Loi?

According to the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” was nothing more than “Post Schacher”. From the point of view of the VIEW 215 million EU have to say “citizens have nothing to” to the “back room Deals”.

It was, as the “NZZ”, “stakes”. VIEW the result is called the “Von-der-Leyen-Coup”.

The two most influential Newspapers of Switzerland, drawing the image of a democratic disaster.

Was that it?

The candidate for Commission President Ursula von der Leyen needed the acceptance of at least 21 States, where two-thirds of the EU population lives. At the end of a majority of the members of the EU must vote in Parliament for you.

In fact, the European Union is a complex Structure!

What was going on in Brussels this week, was a dramatic struggle for the EU leadership, but at the same time, the highly sensitive Efforts to the integration of all possible policy-relevant currents – power struggle according to the rules of the game of democracy.

What else democracy would be?

In the elections and after the elections it goes to the government and representation of power. Then it comes to Governance. Until the next elections.

Above all, it is in the democracy, to peace, joy and egg cakes, not harmony, not to trust Agreement. Essential feature of democratic reality is the cleavage.

democracy allows the political life of a through-and-through divided society: divided in left and right parties, divided in regions, cultures, and mentalities, divided into Poor and rich, in Switzerland, divided into language regions.

The EU is mainly divided into the founder Nations of the European West and the newly added Nations of the East, in the Protestant and Catholic mentalities of the North and of the South, of the many cultures of the Language not to mention.

That these Nations holds the world together is a true miracle. The miracle is called democracy.

But democracy is not is all work, work, work eight to ten hours through the night, if it is different. Furthermore, democracy is always also a disappointment for the Defeated in the fight for people and Post in the power struggle.

There is a tendency of this power to comment with sardonic words, especially from Yiddish, such as “haggling”, or “mouse smile”. The journalistic condescension nourishes the populist contempt for democratic processes. Also of democratic politics is that, by nature, winners and losers, split accused, and with the glow of Holy Regret under: This System does not lead to solutions, but to always be new to each other.

too many of the media reveal a serious understanding of democracy: you have to guarantee closeness to. However, unity and equality of step, are a hallmark of dictatorship, not of the open society.

Only split a guaranteed development: the conflict of ideas and

Who’s ideas and interests will not argue to people and Post struggles, the schachert not, the muddles, the sitting at the poker table, the dealer is not in the back room and he ends up in no Coups.

He is doing democratic work.