On the American aircraft carrier the coronavirus has infected 25 sailors

On the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodor Roosevelt, the U.S. Navy identified 25 sailors, infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. This became known to CNN’s own spring in the Armed forces. The number of cases could increase by several times, did not exclude the press.

the Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Monti stated that as of March 24, among the sailors and officers of an aircraft carrier recorded three cases of infection. Later, the official said: the number of infected people has increased, but not unknown by how much. Testing for coronavirus will host the entire crew of the USS Theodor Roosevelt, quoted Model Agency TASS.

On the nuclear aircraft carrier USA serve about 5 thousand people, 3 thousand sailor, 1.5 thousand aviation specialists and about 500 other military personnel. The command decided to cancel all the ports.

the aircraft Carrier USS Theodor Roosevelt – the representative ships of the class “Nimitz”. Length – 332 m, width – 40 meters, a displacement of 88 thousand tons. On Board the aircraft carrier based on more than 60 aircraft. Among them, multi-purpose fighter F/A-18, electronic warfare aircraft EA-6B, flying radar E-2C, and naval helicopters Sea King and sometimes carrier-based transports.