Recall, the marriage contract is entitled to conclude only to married couples. Of course, you can design it and before the wedding, but he will get only after the Registrar’s office will put a stamp in the passport. But married people can enter into a prenuptial agreement at any time, no matter how much they may have lived together. Even after the Golden wedding. Last year, only 112 were certified thousands of marriage contracts. The number of such notarial acts is gradually increasing. But the surprise was that in the period of restrictive measures, this service is still popular. Another trend: the broken-up couples were more likely to go to a notary public to peacefully divide property after a divorce.

“In Russia there is a stable growth of solutions to property issues upon divorce out of court, – told in the PNP. – So, in 2019, the notaries certify nearly 20 thousand agreements about property division and more than 30 thousand agreements on the payment of alimony”.

according to the Ministry, last year the Registrar’s office recorded almost 310 thousand divorces. Thus, approximately every sixth case of the couple after the divorce, went to the notary to divide the property or to negotiate the child support.

it is Curious that in China after the lifting of restrictions associated with the virus, there was a spike of divorces. The love boat has crashed against the quarantine. Domestic psychiatrists and psychologists do not exclude that a similar situation may occur in our country. Although I want to believe that most families still pass inspection with the virus.

whatever it was, the divorce process often accompanied by division of property, sometimes very painful. “And if the family has children, many more questions arise with a parent they will live, how and in what amount will be paid alimony, – say the experts of the PNP. To deal with this very difficult as from a psychological and legal point of view. The cost of legal support for litigation is quite high and can be tens of thousands of rubles and higher. Since counsel only protects one side, the spending on defense have to think and the second side of the divorce process. A number of difficult issues easier, faster and cheaper to go to the notary. It can help, for example, to divide the marital property in writing to formalize the agreement on the place of residence of children, arrangements for contacts with them and their education, to address the issue of detention of children, make an agreement about child support”.

If the marriage is already terminated, then there are only two ways to divide property and resolve the issue of alimony through the court and through the notary.

According to the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Corsica, notarization IU��nativnykh agreements will soon be in the trend. “The opportunity at any time to contact the notary is a qualified lawyer, acting objectively and independently, gives citizens a guarantee of their rights and legitimate interests in the committing of legally significant actions”, – said Konstantin Korsik.

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