On Shrove Tuesday in the

Typically for carnival in the “Nikola-Lenivets” art object built by the founder of the Park, the master lend-art Nikolay Polissky. This year, however, its creation was entrusted to young architects from St. Petersburg. The project was first selected, which was filed a lot of applications. The victory went to Peter Sovetnikova and Faith Stepansky.

— Each year, built some centric object, and we would like to emphasize the space of fields, says Peter “MK”. For a basis we took the clear metaphor — burning bridges. On the one hand, the end of Maslenitsa — is a collective action, on the other hand, ritual is a very personal moment. Everyone gets the opportunity to pass on the bridge and let go and destroy all that he considers unnecessary in your life. It seems to us that there is a very poignant tone. Everyone has a chance to come into contact with the object, which then will disappear forever. This is a story about the sense of time — both within themselves and in General, in the sense of the era.

Among the wild fields of the Russian heartland do if there are different times and epochs. The people who escaped from civilization be without the Internet. If you lost a friend, to find a familiar method — call — will not work here. Mystical atmosphere, music and dance contribute to the immersion in timelessness. Despite the fact that Mardi Gras is a traditional East Slavic holiday, the participants of the ritual performance dressed more in the Gothic tradition than the Slavonic.

clears the Fire is believed how the ancient Slavs and Europeans. The expression “to burn bridges” also has roots in different cultures, but always means one thing — to say goodbye to something once and for all. Simple and in tune with the idea of a holiday metaphor embodied in the art object from deadwood, touched the bark beetle, broken pallets from the production facilities in Kaluga region, straw, and other wood debris. Around him on the day of the end of winter unfold traditional Maslenitsa festivities with games and pancakes.

…Around the site “Burning bridges” clowns in fo costumes sing and dance, engaging guests in the art Park in a ritual performance. You can, for example, tie a rope to the back dangled a small piece to catch the enemy for the “tail”. Who was the first caught — gets a wooden shoot, which can be exchanged for edible pancake. Or climb on a wooden goat, to pick up a bag and try to throw the opponent to the ground. Closer to the evening guests, after drinking free tea and eating pancakes, are beginning to drive the huge dance. The main ringleader, nicknamed Marzipan commands the action of joking and playfully. When it’s time to fire off the winter, he together with his assistants give the people the branches that should be left on the bridge and under it, along with all the problems and worries. Many of the participants write all of what they want to get rid of on pieces of paper and hide them in the art object.

the Procession on the bridge ends with the burning of the art object. When people are away at a safe distance, buffoons “give fire.” Design erupts like a match. Less than half an hour — and bridges completely enveloped in flames. At this point in the play turns on nature. Suddenly a soft, clear weather gives way to strong winds and icy hail. All around addictive white. From the speakers sounds mystical music. Over the heads, despite the weather, fly a huge drone, filming everything. Like a UFO, burst into the medieval picture of the world. Under the quadcopter dancing clowns in black and white dresses. And fire faster ritual eats up bridges. People are in the midst of a perfect dramatic performance. Hail mixed with sparks, flying around a burning structure. The ice merges into the dance with fire, drawing on the white sky, the yellow, the purple, the crimson patterns. Absolute mystical surrealism.

Finally, the design is burned for two hours. Closer to the finale, she reminds us not a bridge, and the Notre Dame Cathedral in flames. All with a sinking heart wait, when the structure will collapse. And that collapses the first tower in a few minutes the second. IPzasnovane occurs in second — and, it seems, at this moment passes forever.

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