prepare for a need of an hour to read a good book, open the book, and the enticing scents of Pirciati chabbruscianu, of Nunnatu, Pasta ncasciata flow out… you have never experienced? You don’t know the Commissario Montalbano. Not yet.

With the lovable and something Commissioner Salvo Montalbano brittle has created Andrea Camilleri his own monument.

Capricious, greedy, loved

Salvo Montalbano is a cynical, Moody, sometimes really mean and the truth is that it takes it is not always so accurate. Adorable he is, anyway. With the bureaucracy, he is on war foot. He cunningly prevented regularly in his own carriage, for fear of yet more paperwork and to have to his town of Vigàta not leave. The long-distance relationship with his permanent mistress Livia is anything but harmonious.

A trip to Sicily

Who is reading a Montalbano novel, not to mind a crime of the first quality, he learns to Sicily. The attentive reader learns a lot about the circumstances of life of the Sicilians, their political and social problems. Every novel by Andrea Camilleri, is deeply rooted in Sicily. The Restaurant San Calogero in Porto Empedocle – Camilleri’s hometown and the model for the fictional Vigàta – not only Montalbano culinary haven, but also one of Camilleri favorite local. To the relevant exercise of all the Fans, the restaurant is closed for now. The name of the godfather of the Restaurants, the Saint Calogero is located in the province of Agrigento , in Porto Empedocle and Vigàta, even today, revered. During this literary Sicily excursions of the reader (including those of the German Translation), you learn even a few words of Sicilian. Because even though his Livia move often “Speak Italian with me!” Salvo falls again and again in his southern Sicilian dialect. Who the Italian is powerful, the Montalbano of the cases recommended in the original to read language. Camilleri wrote them in a self-invented art-Sicilian. You get used to after a few pages because you feel yourself as a Sicilian.

Where is the Mafia doing?

Who is associated with Sicily immediately and exclusively with the Mafia and, therefore, a bloodthirsty mafia novel not expected to be in Andrea Camilleri able to find. Though in his crime novels genre, according to be committed numerous crimes, it appears the Mafia is only on the edge. Rather, the author of contemporary issues to handle, for example, the pathetic fate of the many illegal immigrants who go over the sea to Sicily. Also delicate issues such as the omnipresent corruption are not excluded. Camilleri understands it, however, without moral acid to bring.

Culinary revelations

You have to be a Gourmet to like Camilleri mystery. But if you like the books, will learn the unspoilt Mediterranean cuisine love. Salvo Montalbano is cooking rarely own. For lunch he eats mostly in the Trattoria San Calogero, after the day’s toil, he enjoys the delicacies prepared for him by his housekeeper, Adelina. Top priority: we like to eat in silence.

A precautionary measure, is appropriate here: read no Commissario Montalbano novel on an empty stomach. You will otherwise inevitably faced with a painful Dilemma: to continue Reading, and Eight do not give, the mouth running of water, dripping on the sides, or with a heavy heart put the book down, and one of Montalbano delicious meals to prepare?

Andrea Camilleri (1925 – 2019)

With his Commissario Montalbano is managed by Andrea Camilleri with over 70 years of the breakthrough. With his stories did not shy away from delicate issues to address.

The writer wrote more than 100 books. The breakthrough came, however, with his “Montalbano”-thrillers. His historical novels brought him little success. In Italy, the native Sicilian has sold over 20 million of his works. More than 30 million copies have been sold all over the world, the novels in dozens of languages-translated. The works dominated the Italian best-selling lists.

Many of his novels were filmed for television, the ZDF aired a few episodes.

Camilleri’s life and personality are to be found in his novels, also a piece of far back – so about the figure of the Commissario Montalbano resembles his father, the fictitious Vigàta in Sicily, his home town of Porto Empedocle, a southern Italian coastal town. There he was at 6. September, born in 1925.

Italian author Andrea Camilleri has died at 93 in Rome

His native Sicily remained Camilleri always closely connected, but lived since 1949 and up to his death in Rome. Once he opened his living room for some loyal readers: the Long bookshelves and comfortable armchairs, in which the passionate smokers Camilleri wrote with a cigarette in the mouth of his novels. His recipe for success is the mixture of profound actions, the Roots in Sicily, the charismatic main character and the critique of society was.

Palermo between art and Cosa Nostra

Mafia, Chaos, and crumbling beauty of Palermo, and it fascinated and disturbed. If you can live with your rhythm, you are lost: The city intoxicated.