Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at the age of 96 at her Scottish country estate, Balmoral Castle. The state funeral service will take place on September 19 at London’s Westminster Abbey. FOCUS online says what you have to pay to be there in London.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British people and fans from all over the world should say goodbye to Her Majesty in the next few days.

After being transferred from the Scottish country estate of Balmoral, the body reached the city of London on Wednesday afternoon. There the majestic coffin is to stand on a so-called catafalque in the Westminster Hall of the London Parliament building until the funeral service on September 19th.

If you want to travel from Germany to the funeral service, you have to bring a lot of money and patience with you.

A fan from Germany has to calculate at least 1100 euros for flight, accommodation and meals in order to take part in the funeral service in London for three days.

Specifically, interested parties pay (as of September 12):

Most visitors and tourists are expected in London on Saturday 17 September to witness the historic event. Because Monday has been declared a public holiday, many people are taking advantage of the long weekend in London.

The flight prices to London, for example, are already increasing massively from Friday evening.

For the return journey on Tuesday, you must also reckon with additional costs of between 100 euros and 300 euros. If you depart on Tuesday evening, you pay less for the return flight. However, you will then have to reckon with additional hotel costs.

Anyone interested should pack weatherproof clothing, rain ponchos and a power bank for their cell phone in their suitcase. Power bank prices are going through the roof in London. You pay over 100 euros for a simple battery. But rain ponchos also cost almost 300 percent more.

Flight prices could continue to rise in the coming days. Accommodation in London is now reaching record prices. According to industry estimates, tourists must expect at least 300 euros per night for a double room.

The luxury hotel “Haymarkt Hotel” charges the equivalent of 6,110 euros for two nights and two people in a double room. The hotel is close to Westminster Hall and also close to Buckingham Palace. Many heads of state and government will be accommodated here from September 18th.

In the cheaper “Thistle Piccadilly Hotel” those interested have to pay a good 500 euros for a double room. Breakfast is extra. A bargain are hotels located in the Boroughs of Bermondsey, Islington or Paddington. Here, a double room for two nights costs a good 300 euros.

However, those interested have to face long waiting times at bus stops and metro stations. On average, it can take several hours to arrive at Westminster Hall. Road closures in central London have been increasing for a few days. The transport network as a whole was massively disrupted by blockades, security zones and

Hostels are also a cheap alternative, although those who are interested will only find a few offers for less than 300 euros. Prices are also rising at Airbnb and other providers of private apartments. The apartments are there for 320 euros and upwards. Single rooms are cheaper, at 130 euros per night.

On a random basis, FOCUS online asked five restaurants near Westminster Hall for a free table for two on Saturday and Sunday evening. The answer? Negative. The restaurants are fully booked and the waiting times are long.

Expect waiting times and reserve a table in the hotel restaurant.

If you want to be self-sufficient for less, you should note: Food prices in Great Britain have risen massively due to high inflation. For more than a liter of milk, you currently pay the equivalent of 1.35 euros at Aldi in London.

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When changing currencies in London, you should go to major banks to convert from euros to pounds sterling. The background is that smaller exchange offices have less lucrative rates.

FOCUS online advises: Exchange only a small amount in the local currency at the airport after arrival, the rates are worse there. The money should be enough for the first evening and breakfast the following day.

Good to know: Long queues can form in front of banks and exchange offices in the city center. Banks are also closed on Monday.

You should expect long waiting times everywhere. Over 100,000 people are expected in London. Therefore, plan time when visiting sights. If you want to pay your last respects to the monarch Elizabeth II, you should expect to queue for hours.

There is no way to sit down in line. Also stock up on enough provisions.

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As King Charles III. When he was still a prince, he was good for some scandals, made a few mistakes, cultivated some idiosyncratic habits and was awarded strange titles: In 2002 he was voted “Beer Drinker of the Year”, preferring to pour white wine into the tank.