On Sakhalin opened the festival

At the largest site, the largest island of Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Palace of sports “Crystal” solemn and beautiful ceremony of the opening of the national art festival of television films “the Morning of the Motherland”.

the organizers of the forum came up with an interesting and unusual move for this night, was filmed special film, half of which took place on the big screen, and the other half on the stage.

Photo: Ekaterina Novikova. the Grand theatre will go on tour in France, without “Mazeppa” and “the terrible”

the host of the evening, actor Maxim lagashkin led dialogues with his partner, Nona Grishaeva, which was on …the screen. It was unusual and interesting.

the Festival is traditionally held in March, the organizers are trying not to go far from the beginning of the year, because the islanders show the best Russian TV series of last year.

the creators of the show Sakhalin and the professional jury, chaired by writer and Director Sergey Ursulyak painting “Lofty”, “Beetles”, “the Dead lake”, “Winners”, “Melodrama”, “Roofing-robot”, “Teacher”, “Storm”. “Epidemic” and series “Mosgaz. New business major Cherkasova”.

the Prizes of “Morning “homeland” unique statues vivid far Eastern Lotus handcrafted, made of hand-made porcelain.

On the stage today was about one hundred and Sakhalin artists who have worked with the leading actors of the country. Directors of the evening managed to do great creative ensemble,- said the President of the festival , honored artist of Russia Sergey Zhigunov.

“the Morning of the Motherland” – a presentation of paintings to the audience its creators, it is dialogue, communication and answers to all human questions. Today it is quite obvious that the audience was to walk more to watch in theaters TV movie.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru In Moscow for the first time will be awarded prizes Charlie Chaplin

If the first forum was held at the incomplete halls of the now vacant seats is almost none.

Pereaslavl hall of the Palace of sports “Crystal” ovations greeted the decision of the organizers of the festival, the awarding of the first elegant Lotus, the master of domestic cinema, the Director Alexander Proshkina. The audience stood up when the master came on the scene.

– thank you, Thank you, I’m very excited. The dream of my childhood, I flew to Sakhalin,- placing his hand on his heart, said islanders Alexander Medvedev.

got the whole week of the film festival, which takes place “at the sunrise”. Premieres, meetings with the audience and even the preview of the pictures.

the Unofficial anthem of the forum was the song “what do you say about Sakhalin?!…” And today it performed brilliantly from the stage.

the opening Ceremony of the forum concluded people’s artist of Russia Larisa Dolina. The undisputed hit of love “Looking for you” the audience sang along.