Ivan Richner (48) from Höri ZH is not a wealthy man: Six times a week he gets up at three o’clock, to distribute in Bülach, ZH VIEW, the “Zürcher unterländer”, the “land messengers” and the “Tagi”. That gives him a modest Boost to the income that he earned with his little Snack Shack in the Höremer industrial district.

The more two 100-franc buses that chartered him last week in the house flat to annoy him. His Offense: He has sailed at night, a sidewalk. “This annoys me very much. I’ve done my job. The letter boxes are not on the road – and at risk, I have four o’clock in the morning, no one is safe”, says the weight only. to VIEW. Around this time he meet more than once a Fox.

A week for virtually nothing, the Newspapers

distributed Caught by a traffic camera that has attached to the city of Bülach since the beginning of the year to a street light has him. Is intended actually to capture those motorists who are driving incorrectly through the one-way street. But: Apparently, it has also the pavement in the visor.

“pain is The 200 francs buses,” says Ivan Richner. “If it converts, I distributed a week of free Newspapers.” His personal audition for the city police in Bülach changed nothing – he has to pay. “I think that is unfair. It means that we should work quickly, everything must go, hop, hop. But I would use my 55-minute Tour is always on the road and anywhere totally correct driving, I would have a quarter of an hour longer.” In addition, Richner feared that the battery of his electric scooter would make you limp, when he would have to take for his Tour longer distances.

police officers are more tolerant than the camera’s

Also a SVP-member of the Parliament Claudio Schmid (48) for Richner strong. “Of course, legally you are not allowed to drive on the pavement,” says Schmid. But: “Postman, these rules of the road have hurt, probably almost daily, and it is not tolerated in the rule.” It is also a bit of a discretionary decision is Yes. He asks loudly: “you Want to punish someone like that Newspaper weight only. really so what?”

Ivan Richner assured: “I know almost all the cops in Bülach. If you see me, greet you nicely, even if I drive on the pavement. Fined me yet nobody has.” But a camera may not turn a blind eye.

On inquiry at the police station in Bülach, is only referred to the road traffic act. Therein it means: “The pavement is reserved for pedestrians.”

The law is clear on this: Not even with bikes you are allowed to drive on the pavement. For Mopeds it is prohibited a fortiori. This is also true for the Postman.

but There is an exception – such as the former Federal councillor Doris Leuthard, 2011, in a question hour of the national Council, said: “In some cases the Post can also use sidewalks.”

This is the case, for example, “if the Postman can not meet their obligation to distribute the Post, only if you have to drive on a pavement”.