In Turkey, paleontologists have presented evidence that the highest mountain in the country, mount Ararat, prior to the beginning of the Miocene was standing on the shore of a sea or ocean.

according to Daily Sabah, the discovery was made thanks to tourists. Recently, the city, exploring the surrounding area of mount Ararat in the province of Elder, found a collection of fossils.

the Findings were sent to study in the University Indira and atatürk University. After careful examination of the samples the researchers came to the conclusion that the discovered fossils contain fragments of the leaves of the ancient trees that grow only near the sea.

the age of the fossils varies from 23 to 55 million years. According to scientists, this proves that Ararat is in that period of time was on the shore of a sea or ocean. The water had not receded from its foot, at least until the Miocene period, which began around 23 million years ago.

the Paleontologists themselves and went to the place and examined the place where the traveller found the fossils. The result was detected, additional samples of the ancient plant that also grows in the coastal strip. It only strengthened the scientists in thoughts about the correctness of their findings.

Mount Ararat is snow-capped summit is the highest in Turkey. It attracts many tourists. This mountain is known by the biblical tales. The legend says that it was Noah’s ark.