Alexey Smirnov has passed the Great Patriotic war from beginning to end. Commander of the order of the red Star and order of Glory II and III degrees, he also awarded medals “For courage” and “For military merit” – in total he had 11 military decorations.

Photo: RIA Novosti 28 Feb Fede “Operation “Y” would have turned 100 years

brought Him fame comedic roles in the movies. The fact that he is a talented dramatic actor, was seen as the time for his role mechanics Makaritch in the film by Leonid Bykov “go To fight some “old men”. But the viewer does not forget nor “Striped flight” nor the “Evenings at Khutor near Dikanka”, making replicas of his heroes of the Soviet and Russian folklore.

To create bas-relief of the Russian military-historical society has announced an open international creative competition. In this can participate individuals (citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship), their associations, artists (sculptors, architects, designers and artists) who have professional experience in the implementation of the objects of monumental and decorative art.

the Application deadline is April 1, 2020, the winner will be announced before July 1. The installation location of the bas-relief has been agreed – this is one of the halls of the Studio.