On lake Baikal there is a new landmark

you can Admire this beauty come not only locals but also tourists. These spring holiday weekend will be crowded.

And those who came to the island a few days earlier, could watch out of the rocks of the Baikal transparent ice cutters sculptors emerges tale glittering in the sun dragon scales, jewelry, Oriental Princess, the plumage of an eagle… That have fascinated tourists of the day.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG In St. Petersburg, opened the festival of ice sculptures

So passed the first on the island international festival “Olkhon Ice Fest”. One of the sculptures was the logo of the “Russian newspaper”, the main informational sponsor of the festival. Employees of the newspaper closely followed the development of the idea of the festival and the preparation for the holiday.

the Author of the ice logo “RG” became the art Director of the festival Evgeny Timkovich. The sculpture though was not involved in the official contest, but has taken a worthy place among the out-of-competition of sculptures, along with a running horse made by world-renowned artist and sculptor Dashi Namdakov, the Eastern throne made of ice, an ice maze at the Oriental symbol of happiness.

“Ice is a complicated material, – said Eugene Timkovich. – On the one hand, it is brittle, and working with it is easy to overdo it, to split the workpiece. On the other, it is very durable, allows you to work “horizontally” – to create thin extrusions that hold on weight. And in contrast to the usual sculptures of metal, clay, wood – working ice we need to understand not only the forms, the proportions, know the basics of composition, but also to take into account the refraction of light: how the sun will play on the details of the figures.”

Baikal ice in this plan is demanding. It is transparent – it is rare where you can find blocks of ice of this thickness, without bubbles or balasesti. And if the artist are calculated, the sculpture simply will be difficult to consider. With a logo “RG” this did not happen. “Look, the newspaper that we subscribe to!”, – did you know us people passing by.

And let the main prize went to Mongolia – the jury gave preference to the work of Mongolian masters of the “Eastern Princess” – the audience with the same fun taking pictures with all the sculptures. “We didn’t know about the festival, bought tickets to lake Baikal, but we in admiration. When you go on a holiday, you know how much the world is more than our ideas about it,” admitted the Frenchwoman Sylvia.

While temperatures will stay below zero, which means at least another month, the figures stand for the lake in safety, delighting tourists. And there, it is time to invent a plot for a new festival. And “the Russian newspaper” will not remain on the sidelines.