In Ecocenter “the Tsar’s apiary”, which is located in the Izmailovo Park, in bee families were placed on the Queens. If the insects do not have time to bring the uterus alone, beekeepers plant it, grow pre-the Queen in the family-the teacher. Without a Queen bee doomed. Professionals can replace and old females, who do not give a large number of offspring, because of what the family is weakening.

in Total, the Ecocenter is: males (drones), infertile females (worker bees) and fetal female (uterus) is a key individual. It is on the latter, is the task of procreation.

the Queen is the largest bee, it features a long full belly, girded bright bands. Body she has a nice dark brown color with a yellow or Golden hue (depending on breed). In addition, a small bee wings.

the Queen laid in each cell one egg, over the summer their number can reach. To begin to lay eggs, she needs to meet with multiple drones. Mating flight of the uterus occurs once in a lifetime. The qualities it manifests in the rate of egg laying and compactness of their placement.

Uterus spends a large amount of energy that needs to be filled in special high-calorie food — it is produced by young bees near the Queen. They call them suites, they are always concerned the uterus. Do not deprive her attention, and man, as fertility depends on the size of the family and its power, which is especially important during the harvest of honey.

In different seasons, the strength of the bee colony varies. In winter it is greatly reduced, and in the summer, in the midst of flowering of honey plants in the hive can be up to 100 thousand individuals. Worker bees are short-lived — about six weeks. To maintain the family size and increase in need of a permanent generational shift. It depends on the fertility of the uterus.

to get Acquainted with the lifestyle of insects can take in Ecocenter "the Tsar's apiary." Guests can learn about the stages of development of beekeeping, the structure of the bee colony and the hive. Tours are free and are held at: the village of Izmailovo, the Apiary, the house 1. Mandatory pre-registration by phone: +7 (499) 166-36-87.