This Horror-scenario takes place on the last Friday evening at the Pay channel “tele club”. 18 at the Live-show “kickoff” is increasing. Theme: The crisis-ridden Champions GC. Guests: Ex-Nati -, and YB-Star Georges Bregy. And the beginning of April, after only a 5-Play as a firefighter again fired GC-Trainer Tomislav Stipic.

Only: Of Stipic is heard throughout the broadcast. Bregy explains to the opposite VIEW: “just before the broadcast Stipic said he was not feeling well. And walked out of the Studio.”

No joke: Ex-GC coach was painted in the tele club Studio in Volketswil ZH, and for the appearance of wired. As he pulled out three minutes before the start of the Rice line. The Olivia Willi of the tele-club, confirmed the press office.

exercised GC pressure?

Stipic is not since then, to reach for VIEWS. Research: Ex-employer, GC has exerted gentle pressure on Stipic. The Background: Stipic has made in the Friday edition of VIEW some daring statements:

“I am convinced that GC would play with me in the next season in the Super League.””We did one hell of a work.””I said Rietiker: Without me you can’t make it.””Erich Vogel had me closed to my heart.”

Statements, the GC angry at the Tiessen. To VIEW Hans Klaus, speaker of GC and Advisor to the President Dr. Stephan Rietiker said, on the same day: “Mr Stipic has not been dismissed because he reached the expected results. Also, the team has not believed in him.” Internally Stipic had spent 7 points from 5 Games as a target, he’s only 3.

“The bad style”

According to the hopper’s has offered Stipic after his release in the last few days, many of the Swiss media as an Interview Partner. Among other things, also in the case of “tele-club”. “This is not a professional, and a bad style,” says the communications professional Klaus, former speaker of the Federal councillor, Ruth Metzler.

oxygen is the GC that Stipic fight addiction, apparently, in the middle of the descent, the contact, to many Ex-players. Last Wednesday evening he was sitting in the Cup semi-final FC Zürich against FC Basel in addition to GC-player Nedim Bajrami in the stadium – GC got the pictures. And in mid-April, the laid-off in Basel’s St. Jakob-Park in a VIP Lounge was seen at the game FCB against GC with GC employees.

Klaus: “Mr Stipic should pull back and the new coach and the team. This behavior is unsportsmanlike.”

Shortly before the TV broadcast Stipic last Friday of a GC is drawn to the representative on the phone, once again, that in its resolution of the contract, certain things are clearly regulated. Among other things, that from both sides, no dirty Laundry washed. Otherwise, the response to court danger. This is Stipic came three minutes before the beginning of broadcasting, apparently, again in the sense. He fled in the direction of Germany. And is there now on the diving station.