On Easter island the car broke the sacred idol (PHOTOS)

Easter island the car broke the sacred image On Easter island the car broke the sacred idol
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On the Chilean Easter island, which, together with the adjacent Islands included in the Rapa Nui national Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, a pickup truck crashed into one of the famous sacred moai statues. According to the mayor, Pedro Edmunds, Paoa, the accident has caused immeasurable damage to the image. Also was destroyed the platform on which he was standing, BBC News reports.

Detained a resident of the island, he was charged with damaging a national monument. According to El Desconcierto, the car had no hand brake. So it does not slid down, the driver put under the wheels the stones. And when they are removed, the truck rolled down and smashed the statue.

Rapa Nui, the indigenous name of Easter island, is testimony to a unique cultural phenomenon. The community of Polynesian origin, living here since the IV century, creating a powerful, rich images, original tradition of monumental sculpture and architecture, free from any external influences.

In the period of X – XVI centuries is a community built shrines and erected enormous stone statues known as “moai”, forming a unique cultural landscape, which continues to amaze people from around the world, noted on the UNESCO website.

Idols carved from stone by the ancient Rapa Nui people – the indigenous people still living in Easter island. It is believed that the statues embody the spirits of the great ancestors of their creators, and a recent study also showed that the manufacture of idols made the land more fertile, because during the construction works the soil constantly fertilized fragments of basaltic rocks.

Now on the island, which is located in the Pacific ocean 3.5 thousand kilometers from Chile, about 1000 statues. They are attracted 12 thousand tourists per month.

“All were against establishing special traffic rules near sacred places – but we, the local Council, explained the danger exists”, – quotes BBC News mayor of Edmunds Paoa local newspaper El Mercurio. “We all knew the consequences of the growing number of tourists and residents on the island. We didn’t, and here’s the result,” he complained.

Community ramanujam has published on Facebook a post with pictures of the scene of the accident and a call to protect the cultural heritage of the island.

the moai Statues on Easter island:

Easter Island, Rano Raraku, moais (6691031187).jpg
Author: Arian Zwegers – Easter Island, Rano Raraku, moais, CC BY 2.0, Link