On Diamond Princess, standing on the quarantine at the port of Yokohama, 175 ill

cruise ship Diamond Princess, which stands on the quarantine at the port of Yokohama, 175 ill. In addition to passengers, contracted and members of the crew and quarantine service. None of 24 of our compatriots on Board got sick. Especially for them on the ship started to show Russian television programs. But the conditions are still difficult.

the Eighth day quarantine came to an end. On Board Diamond Princess new infected. Today all day on the ambulance were transported to hospitals. At night the port is closed and unwitting prisoners can only hope that in the morning their names will not appear in the list of those subject to emergency hospitalization.

“Now I’m gonna get closer and take off, make a survey of the area on the pier where the ambulance directly. Here in this place it is well visible, how much the pier costs of the ambulances. There are doctors in white coats, that is, the process does not stop for a minute,” says cruise ship passenger Sergey Popov.

Popov — honored doctor from Omsk, Professor, dentist, one of the 24 Russians who were quarantined today made contact with the top of the deck. Then, with what spirit he carries the burdens of quarantine admired: “I like the sea the man who was born in Kamchatka, life was near the sea, dreamed of Japan. Now my dream has come true, I saw it, and it turned out that for a long time I will remember this meeting.”

Contacts passengers with a crew reduced to the minimum. Everyday problems everyone decides for himself, including using the tiny sink in the cabin. Most alarming, the virus was first discovered in the employee’s quarantine service of Japan, who had contact with passengers and colleagues. Now the officials of the Japanese Ministry of health, there is no evidence to suggest that all who have been diagnosed with the virus, supposedly contracted before the start of the quarantine.

“the mood of the people is falling. One of the passengers all night anyone is not allowed to sleep. Woman two hours crying in his cabin. Life now is not as easy as it was a week ago,” said passenger David Ebel.

“we always fear that one of us is the result of the virus will be positive and the other negative, and we’ll be apart. That is — we don’t want to happen. But if it happens, nothing you can do,” says Sally Ebel.

Despite the fact that the number of cases is growing daily and the plans of the Japanese government — no changes: quarantine officially ends in a week. Today announced that the Board sent a new batch of medication and a team of pharmacists.

“I Hope that our quarantine will not last. And we see by the deadline of 19 February,” said the passenger Arkady Bulatov.

the situation with the liner one of the main topics of discussion at a special forum of the world Health Organization, which is taking place these days in Geneva.

“Comment as the situation is now difficult to give. We need more accurate information about what is happening on Board. How many people in total are infected? What parts of the liner are they? How we need to continue to keep passengers in isolation,” — said the Deputy Director General of the world health organization Sumia Swaminathan.

All that time that the Diamond Princess is at anchor in Yokohama, off the coast of South and East Asia restless drifted another liner Westerdam. While on Board there are no infected with a virus all week it never took, driving between Japan and Thailand. Only on Wednesday, the government of Cambodia gave him permission for entering the port. Unlike Diamond Princess Westerdam passengers were lucky — two thousand people will descend to the shore environment.