On Android you can enable advanced security mode

In the Android operating system will introduce a regime of enhanced protection from malicious applications Advanced Protection Program (APP). By activating it, users will be able to impose a complete ban on downloading programs from third-party sources, as well as to make sure that the security feature “Google Play Protection” (Play Protect) is always enabled.

Similar regimes exist in other Google products. For example, in Chrome you can reject any potentially harmful downloads, and Gmail – enable additional scanning of the attachments.

according 9to5Google, the Android new feature will not allow you to download apps outside Google Play. Even if the user manually takes the device’s APK file, install it will fail. In addition, the APP will not allow you to disable “Google Play Protection” which periodically scans for “lice” as the contents of the store, and the smartphone itself.

However, there are a few exceptions. Advanced users will be able to transfer programs through the utilities ADB (Android Debug Bridge) by connecting mobile device to computer via USB cable. In addition, the restriction does not affect stores (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Store) that was preinstalled by the manufacturer themselves. And those apps that were installed outside of Google Play to enable APP will not be deleted and will continue to receive updates.

As expected, the APP will appear on Android in the coming days.

Text: To.Hi-tech