On November 13, 2022, the first NFL game in Germany will take place in the Allianz Arena. To ensure that the duel between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks runs smoothly, the first conversion work is now beginning.

NFL game requires conversion: In November of this year, a regular season game of the NFL will take place in Germany for the first time. The venue for the historic event is the Allianz Arena. The first conversion work in the home stadium of FC Bayern Munich has therefore been underway since Monday.

Short, compact, clear

New field: Since an American football field is longer and narrower than a soccer field, the lawn is now being relaid in Munich. In addition, a one and a half meter deep hole has to be dug at both ends of the field so that the field goals can soon be placed there. However, this should not affect Bayern’s regular game operations.

Bigger teams, bigger changing rooms: But not only the lawn is being relaid in Munich, the changing rooms and showers are also being renovated. After all, instead of a football squad of around 20 players, a team of around 65 team members will soon be supplied there.