Olympics in question. Brazil and 8 of the NOC for cancellation of the Games-2020

structure of Brazil, headed the National Olympic Committee urged the IOC to shift Olympic games in 2020. About it the press said the President of the NOC of this South American country Paulo Wanderly. The reason pandemic coronavirus.

“the international Olympic Committee has faced this kind of problems before, for example, when the Games were cancelled in connection with the world wars — quotes Wanderli official website of the NOC of Brazil. – The dream of athlete is to compete at the Olympic games. But it is now clear that the Olympics this year will not allow to realize the dream of athletes”.

As previously reported Вести.Ru previously about the need to cancel or transfer the Olympic games in 2020 has already declared the national Olympic committees of the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia, a number of international sports agencies.