Seven OLYMPIC and WORLD championship medals have been for Rasmus Quist. The latest, OLYMPIC gold from 2012, is the largest of the Danish beet the 5. april age of 40 years.

When he was a child, he dreamt of winning an OLYMPIC gold medal, which would be hung on the wall.

The wish came true for Rasmus Quist of the 4. august 2012, when the Danish beet could come up at the top podietrin at the OLYMPIC games in London after winning the finals in letvægtsdobbeltsculleren.

today, the medal is placed in the tray and swapped out with the children’s drawings and family photos, but the triumph in London still stands as the biggest in the career of Rasmus Quist, who on Sunday 5. april age of 40 years.

– of Course I have the medal to promote a once in a while. Not so often, for it is after all just a symbol. It was more the experience and it’s all around it, which was great. It is the biggest, you can win as a sportsman.

– once in A while I find the race on YouTube and am excited about it again. This is something I’m still proud of, he says.

the Medal came in the house together with his partner Mads Rasmussen, as he has shared the greatest sporting successes from the year 2001, when makkerskabet began, for his career was set in 2016.

in Addition to OLYMPIC gold, the two also won the OLYMPIC bronze, two WORLD championship gold medals, a WORLD cup silver medal and two WORLD championship bronze medals together. They were together chosen as the year sportsnavn in 2007.

– It has been a success, that we have been able to get the cooperation and friendship to run for such a long time.

– It is like a marriage. We have always been honest with each other and talked together about how we got the cooperation to function, ” says Rasmus Quist of the former romakker, as he is still often seen with private.

The two rowers set in the first game of his career after the OLYMPICS in London, but made a comeback in 2014 with the games in Rio de Janeiro for the eye.

We were bullied a bit by his colleagues, who said that we could not just pull us on top, but also had to stand in goal for the gold medal. And we also felt that we had more in us.

It was, however, a tenth place at the olympics in Rio in 2016, and it was the end of a long career for Rasmus Quist, who began to calm as the 12-year-old.

Rowing is no longer so much time for Quist, in addition to the three children of nine, six and four years also suits his full-time work as a PLUMBING installer.

He lives in Newcastle with the kids and his wife, His, who he met through roningen.

The round birthday will be because of coronakrisen not celebrated with a big party. It hopes instead to be able to do in the late summer.