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moved to After the laying of the Olympic games to the year 2021 is on Thursday in Tokyo, the Task Force set up in the name of “Here we go” (let’s go) your work The first goal of the workgroup is to find a suitable date for the summer games. In an interview in the spring or summer of 2021. But also the other open issues such as the consequences for the Olympic village need to be discussed in the next few weeks.

when are you supposed to take place?

The football championship. from 2020 to the exact same period from 11 Of June to the 11. July on the next year misplaced. This doesn’t have to happen in the Olympic games. “It is not limited to the summer months. All of the options until the summer of 2021 are on the table”, said IOC chief Thomas Bach. Also the Olympic in April or may, if it is in Tokyo, which is significantly cooler than in the sultry August, hot is not excluded.

It is important to note that many of the interests

The Task Force must coordinate with all of the 33 international sports federations. Each Association has its own preferences. The athletes and swimmers want to unsubscribe, your world Championships in the summer, the team sports such as football, Basketball or volleyball stuck in may in the final stages of their season. Already this year, can be a regulated season finale, not a speech.

What are the TV stations?

What are the wishes of the TV stations are? Especially the wealthy American broadcast channel NBC is expected to push for the original date in the summer to rest, because at this time the major leagues. This is also true for Europe. dpa for The Olympic village in Tokyo

apartment in the Olympic village sold already?

Is it 2021 is still an Olympic village for the athletes? The athletes would have to adapt to the expected to other living conditions, said Bach. Because many of the apartments were sold for the period after the Olympics and Paralympics already to private individuals.

Some of the installations are only temporary and need to be kept another year in operation. Also halls are already booked for 2021 otherwise.

when are the Paralympics on?

the plans also need to be the Paralympics followed. The games for people with a disability are usually held after the Olympic Games. The summer should be planned games for the month of may 2021, there could be up to the beginning of the football championship on 11. June will be for the Paralympics close.

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