Olympic torch relay in Japan can go without torches

the organizing Committee of the summer Olympic games in Tokyo decided to change the format of the Olympic torch relay and to cancel the use of torches. As reports TASS with reference to the channel NHK, the participants of the relay will move with lanterns-candle holders.

it is Noted that such decision is connected with possible porting to a later date due to the coronavirus. Torches will not be used until, until the international Olympic Committee (IOC) will not take a final decision about the Olympics in Tokyo.

in addition, according to the organizers, this version of the relay is less attractive from the point of view of the audience, and they are unlikely to massively gather along the route.

Sunday, IOC President Thomas Bach said that his Ministry will take a decision regarding the possibility of holding the Olympic games as scheduled for four weeks. At the moment the Olympic games in Tokyo scheduled for the period from 24 July to 9 August 2020.

March 20, the Olympic flame was delivered to Japan. The start of the relay on the territory of the host country needs to be given March 26 in Fukushima Prefecture.