The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has established a Fund of $800 million, funds from which will be used to minimize the economic consequences of the transfer of the summer Olympic games in Tokyo in 2021. Most of the funds from the Fund, namely $650 million, will be used to cover costs associated with the transfer of the Games in Tokyo in 2021. Earlier, the IOC said that all the additional costs, previously estimated at least $3 billion, will fall on the Japanese side. However, after the harsh statements of the Japanese authorities, the IOC was forced to give up his claim, and eventually to take over a significant part of the costs.Thursday’s teleconference was held the meeting of the IOC Executive Board. It was decided to establish a special Fund, funds from which will be used to minimise the effects of transfer due to pandemic coronavirus Games 2020, which was to start in July in Tokyo for 2021. According to the President of the IOC Thomas Bach, the amount of the Fund will be $800 million, Of which $150 million will be distributed between national Olympic committees and international sports federations, many of whom depend on the income from the IOC and are already asking for financial support. Mr. Bach did not specify what sources will be filled from the Fund. But the IOC is able to Finance. After all, the organization amassed a significant $2 billion, reserves.It is noteworthy that before the IOC adhered to the position that the additional costs in connection with the transfer of the Games should carry the Japanese side. In mid-April, the IOC issued a statement which said that the Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, agreed that Japan will cover all expenses arising from the transfer of the Olympics. However, the official Tokyo has reacted strongly to this statement. Press-Secretary of the organizing Committee of the Games of Mac This stated that the use of the name of the Prime Minister in the form chosen by the IOC, is invalid. But the press Secretary of the head of the government, Yoshihide Suga actually accused the Committee of lying, saying that no agreements on the sharing of the financial burden on the porting has not been achieved. In the result, IOC had to remove from its website a controversial statement. But in the end, as can be seen, and to soften its position on the financial question.The harsh reaction of the Japanese government to the statement the IOC is not difficult to understand. The Olympic project has already cost the country nearly $13 billion according to official data. But the report of the audit chamber of Japan appeared other amount — $22.3 bn, the Auditors took into account not only the costs associated directly with the preparation for the Games, but spending on other projects, the implementation of which had to speed up because of the Olympics. Similar calculations publications Nikkei and the Asahi Shimbun gave a more impressive figure of $28 billion additional budget Finance��to Finance in the current situation in the global economy is an issue that requires careful approach. The more that we are talking about significant amounts. According to various estimates, from $3 billion to $6 billion At the same time guarantee that the Olympics will take place in the summer of 2021, no one will. Thomas Bach after a meeting of the Executive Committee did not discuss this topic, saying only that “the conditions are tough”. “The pandemic has hit everyone, and now a lot of uncertainty. No one knows what tomorrow will look like the world, but we work hard,” said Thomas Bach. However, previously, infectious disease specialist, Professor of the Kobe University of Kentaro Iwata said he did not believe in the Olympics next summer in normal mode. He believes that if the Game takes place, without an audience or with a strong constraint of the stadium. According to Professor Iwata, take the edge off the issue by only developing a vaccine against coronavirus.Alexander Petrov