eleven years Ago, sought Michael Barisone at the Olympic Games in Beijing, the great Coup of. Now, the 54 is likely to spend a-Year-old for the Rest of his life behind bars. Barisone is charged with attempted murder in two cases. It is about 40 years in prison.

The Ami looks last week on his horse farm in New Jersey red, shoots the 38-Year-old dressage rider Lauren Kanarak twice at close range in the chest, hurt you and your fiancée at the subsequent battle life-threatening. “There was only a very brief verbal altercation. Then Barisone whipped out the gun. He came in and knew exactly what he would do,” said a police spokesman.

It is a Drama with notice. Kanarak, who has rented on Barisones Farm, a house, was previously threatened on several occasions, is scared. On 2. August writes on Facebook: “A well-known, visibly Drunk and told me literally that I should sleep with one eye open.”

neighbors tell, Barisone I want to end the tenancy. “The front of a big, red sign that says clearance stand,” says neighbor Bob Jenkins. Before the fact, the police had to move out half a dozen Times.

Kanarek was operated on in the hospital. Her condition had stabilized. “She’s fine,” says friend Rosanna Williams, who had sold horses at Kanarak.