1. Every morning is better to start with a small charge. Stretching exercises can be performed even in bed, and some sit-UPS and push-UPS will not take more than 10 minutes, but will give strength and energy for the whole day.

2. It is very important to choose the right diet. Breakfast should be sweet: oatmeal with honey or jam, a piece of dark chocolate, delicious tea. Sweet has a positive effect on productivity, increases efficiency of the brain.

3. During the day I advise you to afford dark chocolate or bananas. This very well satisfies hunger and are much healthier sandwiches!

4. Exam preparation is a great opportunity to organize your day to cultivate a habit to eat healthy food and to normalize the sleep mode.

5. It is advisable to refuse from junk food – especially fast food – and not to eat at night.

6. If the body will expend energy digesting food, then fewer will remain to prepare for the exam. Dinner should consist of vegetables and light food: salad, lean fish, chicken, Turkey. I also recommend to drink tea with mint and honey, then the morning will start easily!

7. Regular exercise help to distract from routine, elevate mood and improve performance. Suggest to do a small sports breaks every hour. Do 4-5 exercises for 10-15 approaches, but do not overdo it, then to not be distracted by sore muscles. It could be squats, pushups, plank, twists, jumping rope, exercising with dumbbells or even simple breathing practice. The main thing is to enjoy the process.

8. Following these simple tips, you will feel that preparing for exams can be enjoyable and healthy. All the high scores and excellent mood!

Irina Sumnikova led open lessons for schoolchildren in the framework of the project of the Moscow center “Patriot.Sport” (GBOU DPO) “a Lesson with the champion”. The athlete shared with the children his experience: told how to achieve success in the sport, and also gave advice on nutrition and daily routine.