It is the greatest tragedy, the parents can go. Donghua Li (51) lost his seven-year-old son Janis. “It breaks my heart,” says the in Adligenswil, LU living at the end of an Olympic champion to LOOK. Take a deep breath, he adds: “Janis was my sunshine, he was always so cheerful. I can’t believe that he is alive.”

The death drama played out in just a few days: On the last Friday, Li noticed that Janis’ belly was abnormally swollen. Immediately, he went with him to the house physician, later he drove Janis to the child’s doctor. This left the boy immediately to the hospital ward. On the way to the children’s hospital of Lucerne, Li made his son still with a stop at McDonald’s, because this felt so in the mood for a Happy Meal. Janis got a beating and in the end even a bite of a Donut squashed.

“I was paralyzed”

In the hospital the terrible diagnosis: Janis is suffering from cancer comes after an hour-long examinations under General anesthesia. The malignant tumors in his liver had already formed offshoots in other organs. “I was paralyzed, as I had to learn,” said Li to the “Schweizer illustrierte”. “The worst thing was that I was able to make for our Janis, nothing more. I could only pray for him.”

The Doctors had done “everything Possible”, but it helped nothing. On Tuesday, 17.55 hrs, dies, Janis is in the ICU. “I spent seven hours with him, I just cried, kept asking myself why, why? The goodbye was so hard.”

Janis had on the first day of school

happy, of all things, the day before, on Monday, had the Little one to his first day of school. “He had been so looking forward,” says Li with a heavy voice. When his son died, he felt that his soul had stayed with him. “And here with me you will remain forever.”

Donghua Li came in 1967 in China to the world. After he was pulled in 1989 with his then Swiss wife in Switzerland, he took part soon in the national Championships. By the way, he worked in a Garage. Five years later, he received the Swiss citizenship. In 1995, Li took in Sabae (Japan) world championship Gold. In 1996, he is in Copenhagen (Denmark), master of Europe. In the same year, then the coronation of the Olympic Games in Atlanta (USA), wins where Li in his parade discipline on the pommel horse gold medal. The (Turn)in Switzerland was definitely at his feet.

power from the Buddhist Faith

From his first marriage Donghua Li has the 23-year-old daughter Jasmine. His new partner, he lives longer separated, gave him in 2012, son Janis. Early on, this was accompanied by him, if the father trained the young. “He loved to do gymnastics with me,” recalls Li.

strength in his darkest hours, gives him the Buddhist Faith. “I know that I’m going to see my Bub at some point.” Solace also gives him the Knowledge that Janis had not, apparently, suffer for a long time. “He had pain in no time. Everything went so fast.” The damaged Donut from the McDonald’s I ate Janis in the hospital ready yet.

The Swiss sportsman of the year in 1995 and 1996, will be on Friday, may 6. September in the parish Church of St. Martin in Adligenswil, LU the funeral service for his son. Where Li are ringing 24 hours after the death of Janis during six minutes, the bells left. “We are still father and son,” says Li.