From the ski jumpers at the Vuelta-winner: The history of Primoz Roglic (29) is known to almost every. However, not only the Slovenian continues at the Cycling world Championships, his fairy-tale Story. No, the Swiss Delegation has a Umsteigerin. Your Name: Elise Chabbey (26).

The Genevan was launched in 2012 as a Teenager, still at the London Olympic Games in Slalom Canoeing. Seven years later, she has reported to Swiss Cycling for the competitions in Yorkshire (Gb): team time trial, individual time trial and road race. “I drove until three years ago never Velo,” she says, laughing.

“I didn’t think much of Cycling”

Indeed, After their withdrawal from the Canoeing Chabbey plunges fully into the world of the University of Geneva, she studied medicine. In addition, it keeps with a lot of Jogging and power exercises fit, also takes part in competitions. All just for the Fun of it.

“From Cycling, I thought at the time, not much. Doping buzzed me in connection with this sport through the head. I wanted to run anyway, no team sport,” says Chabbey.

“My prejudices were wrong,”

so, How is it that you, today the Team Bigla a professional contract (“I’ll be with the wage to make ends meet”) in the bag? Exactly you can’t explain it. “Three years ago I started, for some reason, however, to ride a bike. And it has made me more and more Fun. Long ago, I know that my prejudices were wrong.”

That Chabbey moulted within a short period of time for the Swiss world Cup rider, has to do with the in comparison to men, a much lower power density in the women. Nevertheless, it would be unjust if they would reduce your success only.

Tokyo 2020 as a large target

“When I do something, then I stand behind it and give everything. So my character is. And now I’m even more focused than before,” she says. Why? “I filed two weeks ago, the last exams at the University. Now I can concentrate fully on your Cycling and no longer in the car during the long drives to the race, yet.”

Chabbey will bake at the world Cup in Yorkshire in a little bun – that is your conscious. Your big goal is a Top race-15-place in the Road. So you would collect important points for the Olympic qualification. “I want to be in Tokyo 2020”, she says determined. She manages, closes definitely a circle. Within eight years of the Olympic Kanutin to Olympic cyclist? Chabbey has to laugh: “Sounds good, right?”

Sunday, 22. September: Mixed team time trial (13.10 PM)

Tuesday, 24. September: time for women (14.40 p.m.)

Wednesday, 25. September: time for men (13.10 p.m.)

Saturday, 28. September: road race women (14: 40)

Sunday, 29. September: road race men (8.40 PM)