pop singer Olly Murs (35) has changed quite a bit! Recently he showed on his Instagram page: The bacon is gone!

And IT is the reason for this is that Ollys new girlfriend Amelia Tank (27).

With her hovering, the British pop singer (“Heart Skips A Beat”) for a few months not only on love cloud nine. The Banker, who is a real Fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, has helped your Olly to a whole new feeling and Look.

On a Before-and-After picture he showed the visible difference and commented: “Not bad for a 35-Year-old.”

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He also explains: “the photo on The left was on 2. January included. I thought: shit, I look fat. My weight didn’t like me. I was grumpy, had no energy, I slept badly.“

However, thanks to his fit girlfriend, Olly Murs has his life completely turned upside down. It was directly to his Personal trainer.