Olga Skobeeva: even the wise Kravchuk bought

host of the program “60 minutes” Olga Skobeeva commented in Telegram-channel words of the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk about what Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin allegedly met in Lviv shortly before the Second world war.

So Kravchuk tried to broadcast “60 minutes” to explain the words of President Vladimir Zelensky, who followed the Polish politicians blamed the beginning of world war II on the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. “I learned quoted the speech of Mr. Zelensky: he says that the Second world war, which began after the aggression of Nazi Germany on Poland was provoked by the fact that between the Soviet Union and Germany had an Alliance. And Hitler and Stalin, met in Lviv. The same document, it is not a secret. Tried to negotiate on this issue”, — said the first President of Ukraine.

“Thank you, Leonid Kravchuk. Finally it all became clear — I wrote Skobeeva. — Apparently, at the disposal of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine appeared sviashchennaia archives in which Stalin and Hitler fraternized in Lviv (WHAT?!), and brave soldiers of the UPA (banned in Russia) first opened the gates of Auschwitz. Here it is — an alternative view into the world history. And after all these “documents” will typeset the new history textbooks. Sadly it all”.

According to Skobeevo, “mythology in Ukraine is so wild that even the wise Kravchuk bought”.

Vladimir Zelensky during a visit to Poland, said after the Polish President Andrzej Duda, that the Soviet Union share some of the blame for the outbreak of the Second world war. He stressed that Poland was liberated by Ukrainians — soldiers three Ukrainian fronts. Zelensky silent that Auschwitz, like the whole of Poland was liberated by the soldiers of the Soviet army.