Oleg Tinkov with his family

52-year-old Russian entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov battle with leukemia, which was first approached in the spring of this year. Today, the businessman shared instagram’s news about their health. According to Tinkov, he became ill in late October and as soon as I heard the diagnosis, I flew to Berlin, where doctors managed to put his disease into remission.

clinic #Helios literally saved me three chemistries, despite two sepsis and a bunch of “side effects”, many thanks to Professor Glass, Dr.Buhl and all doctors and nurses at Helios — they were fantastic! They put me in remission for blood and molecular level, but, unfortunately, a small number of leukemia cells left. Therefore, as often has happened in my life, I made a radical decision to do a bone marrow transplant… I’m gonna do in London next week, and there are long months of rehabilitation… Probably up to a year (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.),— Tinkoff announced its followers.

Oleg Tinkov with his family

He thanked his family, which in a difficult moment did not disappoint, becoming his support.
I certainly would not have passed all these tests, if not for my family, I knew that I lived for 31 years with the best woman and I have three beautiful children, but I’m 200% convinced of this last six months… Rina (the wife of Oleg Tinkov. — Approx. ed.) just “got me” and the children showed themselves as adults and whole people. Thank you, I love you!!! And of course, Pray to the Lord, he Rescued me and saved after two sepsis and a Covid-19, Yes I’m still ill with the coronavirus three months ago— said the businessman.

Oleg confessed that he was waiting for difficult months, but he will fight. Tinkov added that there is a chance.

I would like to apologize to everyone I offended in this life, willingly or unwillingly. I really said a lot of stupid things in my life, thank God, I just said, but didn’t do shit. Reading and watching their interviews, I’m sometimes ashamed of what I said, I was often wrong. I am proud to be earnestly promoted in Russia entrepreneurship and did a lot for this, and a little bit, but changed the environment and attitude towards startups and business and wasn’t doing it for the PR, he added in the post.