The Bernese municipality of Toffen is a Mecca for Swiss Fans of classic cars. Because the classics auctions of the Oldtimer gallery Toffen have cult status respectively at the several times in the year, held auctions, not just high – priced exotics, but also former everyday cars with classic-car Status at a bargain price.

Online auction before Lockdown

planned Despite the current corona crisis, the for 28. March held the spring auction and online. The classic car gallery has already prepared itself in front of the on Monday agreed Lockdown on the state of pandemic. In the catalogue for the auction, the potential buyers are requested to send their bids in writing, by phone or online to submit. A live stream shows Events on the ground, and after prior registration, interested parties can place their bids on .

Around 90 cars in the range

Among the Offerings is a Ferrari Testarossa (1985), which is expected to bring in between 95’000 and 125’000 Swiss francs, is for example. Two Mercedes 190 SL Vintage 1956 to 1960, the price between 85’000 and 125’000 Swiss francs are available for sale with an estimated. Anything cheaper is likely to be with an estimated price of 35’000 to 40’000 Swiss francs on the 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible. A total of 28. March almost 90 cars online auctioned. The classic car gallery is providing its customers with at least a little bit of normalcy in these extraordinary times.