What exactly am I supposed to reply? This question seems to be able to from the face of YB-Coach Gerry Seoane, to know when it is a question of whether Wölfli plays. The Lucerne says: “I’ll give the list never!” But Wölfli was the Cup Goalie? “No. He has made three Cup matches, Yes. But he has also played in the Champions League. We have never said Marco was the Cup Goalie.”

Nevertheless, Seoane in the head, who is going to play. “Of course I did.” And the players? They know already? “No. I haven’t told the Goalies yet,” said Seoane. That was on Monday lunch. “Sometimes I share it with someone a week in advance, that he plays. Sometimes, five hours before Kickoff.”

we Analyzed the responses, there is evidence to suggest that stem goalie David von ballmoos between the Cup-post. The confidence in Wölfli’s missing a little? Seoane: “We have the utmost confidence in all our players. Finally, we have a super squad.”

The Cup inserts of Wölfli were very dramatic. And he himself goes two Times decisively:

In Biel, everything topsy-turvy. In the 86. Minute of the first League the 2:1 shoots. The Tissot Arena! It is almost over. 95. Minute. A last Corner, the Bieler complain vehemently that it was none. Wölfli is rushed to the front. And indeed, He comes to the Ball, köpfelt in the direction of the gate, where Ngamaleu hits the crossbar and Garcia sunk the rebound. And in the 120. Minute Hoarau Bay, 3:2 and saves the use of YB in the Penalty lottery.Also in Schaffhausen, a crazy game. In the 87. Minute Ngamaleu marked the 2:1. However, in the 98. compensates for Schaffhausen, although only four overtime minutes were displayed. This time it’s Camara, the YB preserved from the short-form decision. With a goal in the 123. Minute. And Wölfli? Without several Big Saves of the Oldies would have been for YB in North-Western Switzerland in the evening…Last of Grenchen in the lackluster 1:0 in Promotion League club Stade Nyonnais is unemployed. He played 19 years after his debut in the YB-Dress as a 17-Year-old in the Wankdorf back against that club, against the all began: Nyon.

Wölfli or ball moss? There will be only one.