“We were ahead of our time. We have developed between 1965 and 1968, when there were no Personal computers, not even the word PC,” said the 85-Year-old on Tuesday in Paderborn. There, the engineer from the room of Constance, the exhibit – in the past, “trackball control” presented as a permanent loan to the Heinz Nixdorf Museum forum (HNF), that claims to be the world’s largest computer Museum.

Mallebrein had designed the mouse for Telefunken, the company sold from 1968, along with his former top computer TR 440. However, only 46 Times, especially in universities, he is up to 20 million Mark was expensive, described Mallebrein. His mouse fell into oblivion. The worldwide success of the computer mouse began only in the 80s – on the Basis of the Mallebrein-trackball system, such as the 85-Year-old and the HNF stressed.

In the U.S., Douglas Engelbart presented at the end of 1968 – two months after the presentation of the German invention – also a PC-mouse. His device made in Germany is the American mouse-father’s “structurally far superior,” said Mallebrein.