Older kostromitsky the third time believed the Scam and gave them more than a million

In Kostroma grandmother millionaire gave all his savings to fraudsters. The employees of the Bank three times he told the pensioner from a dodgy translation. She left and came back to the Bank. The third visit proved fatal.

Sixty kostromitsky believe fraudsters and lost more than 1 million 300 thousand rubles. Unknown rang the pensioner, posing as Bank staff and said that he had received information about the hacking of her personal account. In order not to lose the contribution, you must make a transfer to another, supposedly secure account. Older kostromitsky believed the speculators. Independently transfer money with a smartphone at the pensioner did not work. Persistent fraudsters convinced a wealthy investor to go to the Bank and from there to send the required amount.

However, the woman was still a chance to save their money, reports GTRK “Kostroma”. The Bank staff tried to convince not to risk it for the sake of dubious translation. The pensioner believed him and left, returning a second time. The third visit proved fatal: the investor sent a million scams. The attackers lured her remaining 300 thousand rubles.

the next day the elderly woman understood that became a victim of fraud. Currently, the police began investigating the incident.

Text: GTRK “Kostroma”