The last thing I remember is a shot I took with my uncle on the town, ” says Ola Lofstad.

The julikvelden he was ejected from the nightspot on the pier in Tønsberg because he was too full.

On the way home he had over a footbridge. From six-metre height, he fell over the railing and straight down into the asphalt. With the head first. 17 days later he woke up from artificial coma at the Ullevål hospital in Oslo.

I had countless injuries and the family was told that it was critical.

22-year-old got three kraniebrudd, broken hip and pelvis, got fracture in his back and wrist, and a damaged kidney.

TUMBLED DOWN: Lofstad fell down from this bridge and landed on the asphalt.

Photo: Vegard Kids Ellefsen / NRK

the Hospital would not predict the outcome after the accident, but the family was told that he would survive.

Worked hard

According to Ola took a social work contact with the family and said that they had to make the house wheelchair accessible.

Dad said; so thinking we haven’t. We choose to think positively. It is completely okay if it happens, but we have to let him get a chance to show what he can manage at first.

Ola Lofstad

the Doctors gave him for every the information that he, with a little luck, would be on her feet again in one year’s time.

But then started opptreningen.

Opptrening after the accident

Ola is here on the physical opptrening after the accident


his Body handled the treatment well and he got a place at king’s manor rehabilitation center in Kristiansand.

He asked the doctors and the nurse about how long the rehabilitation would take.

most replied that it would take several months and if I was at home for christmas, I was lucky. I found myself not in these things. I was working hard to crush the tidsoverslagene, ” he says.

– Lucky

the Accident occurred 6. July, but he was home again 6. september – after the double training sessions every day at the centre in Kristiansand.

– On the hospital bed I said that 2019 would be my year. I decided to complete a marathon.

He would refute them, which had placed him in a wheelchair. Show that he could make much more.

One year and eight days after the accident småhaltet him over the finish line in the Dresden marathon in Germany. 42 kilometres were done.

– It was an amazing feeling, but I have had luck. I have a bad hip and a paralysis in half the face, other than that I have no major ailments. But I have fought, and it is countless of training hours behind.

IN the TARGET: Ola Lofstad after finish in Dresden, Germany. The whole family went down to cheer Ola over the finish line.

Photo: PRIVATE Visit Bergen – Tønsberg

In the years he has set himself a new goal. To go from Bergen to Oslo in ten days.

– Every day should I go to the income for a new volunteer organization that means a lot to me. For example, the Norwegian air ambulance. Had it not been for them, had I might not have lived today.

He expects to walk around five miles every day and move towards Tønsberg eleven hours a day.

– It’s going to cost physical and mental, but when I decide something I usually like to do it, so I have faith.

finishing line is along the Tønsberg brygge, in June.