Actor Ivan Okhlobystin commented on the career prospects of his colleague and close friend Michael Ephraim, which is actually may lose profession because of the scandalous road accident with its participation, which claimed the life of a person.

According to Okhlobystin, this issue is “murky” because it does not know how to change Yefremov after the incident. The mental state of his health a matter of grave concern, since for all its faults he is a very conscientious person with a keen sense of justice and a tendency to cmoparison.

“Now all require severely punished, but they don’t realize that Mikhail Olegovich himself — the terrible judge,” said Okhlobystin.

In his opinion, Yefremov’s really brilliant actor and a brilliant Director in the theater. Whatever punishment he may have suffered as a result, it is hoped that it will still work. Somehow, you might be able to bring him back into the profession. Just pray about it, said Okhlobystin. But expect Efremova still not worth it.

“I do Not think that Mikhail Olegovich after the incident, everything is going to get back on track”, – quotes the actor “StarHit”.

Earlier media reported that the case of Ephraim scenes with the actor in the series “Vampires of the middle band” will be cut. However, later one involved in the project counterpart Ephraim Dmitry Lysenko explained that actually, the creators just decided to reshoot the series with another actor, because now it is not clear whether Efremov continue filming.

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