Ointment for a member Presnyakov on saskarnes advertising

Actor and musician Nikita Presnyakov will not be advertising ointment for penis. This he told the newspaper SRSLY.

Presnyakov, as reported by “the Rambler”, son of singer Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. and the singer Christina Aguilera; and the grandson of singer Alla Pugacheva.

Yesterday he said that made instagram a few years ago, when he participated in the First channel show “Toch-V-Toch”. Then someone told Presnyakov that instagram is needed by all artists, he realized that everything is interconnected, and the artists have the obligation, started a page on this social network and since then is actively trying to fight it.

“the Is doing, if she’s not superseksualny. Ointment for a member certainly not going to advertise,” said Presnyakov.

He also called himself a great blocker. According to the artist, he often bans inadequate personalities who only have some crap to write and Express rotten opinion, and those who Chmyr adequately, does not block ever.

In November Presnyakov adverted in his instagram one of the paid clinics in Moscow, said got the flu, what he had not, and there he quickly put on his feet.