This is announced on Tuesday a member of the Executive Committee of Tamoil Switzerland. The refinery is laid out in January 2015, the still. Previously, Tamoil Switzerland had given the end of its refinery activities in the Region of Chablais is known. Around 230 employees lost their jobs.

a Few months later, the Canton of Valais, the company has established a period of five years, to decide on a possible further use of the oil refinery. Now it is not clear that the plant resumes operation.

The company confirms that it has between ten and twenty serious offers for a Takeover of the site. This is the Switzerland did not Tamoil, however.

Tamoil Switzerland is continuing its efforts to sell the facility in whole or in part, says Stéphane Trachsler, Director of Tamoil Switzerland. Overall, the facility consists of 1200 different units, including 54 of the storage tank. “There are a few people that are interested in us, a part of the infrastructure to buy,” he says.

These sales would reduce the costs for the dismantling of the plant, estimated at 10 million Swiss francs. The Dismantling of the plant, which will be taken in the first half of the year 2020, is expected to take between 24 and 36 months.

The remediation of five contaminated areas with a total area of four hectares began in the spring of this year. It is expected to be completed until 2028. Three other packages are still being monitored. “We have, however, the Work up until the 2023-2024 complete,” says Pierluigi Colombo, Director of the Valais site.

The cost of the renovation work amounts to 5 million francs. Another 500’000 Swiss francs to be used for the Monitoring of the site.

Since the closure of the plant in Collombey-Muraz, the only oil refinery of Switzerland is located in the new castle of Cressier.