Oil, coal and financial Bazooka:

southern Siberia. The Kuzbass. Kemerovo oblast, where the main fossil wealth — coal. There “Vesti on Saturday” went down into the mine “Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya” company SUEK. By the way, if anyone knows: the coal industry in Russia — completely private. How does it all save now?

the Last instruction before the descent. First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov also, as required by the safety manual, gets a “self-rescuer”. It may be required in the event of smoke. Why mine, where coal is mined, some kind of whitish? And it’s lime. Fire.

“the People who work here — people with a special character. Because every day to come down here — this requires special qualities. I have more and more the feeling that these people we owe,” said Andrei Belousov.

fortunately, after a huge investment Kuzbass mines ceased to be associated with accidents. Besides the employees of his administration he has called under the ground and big bosses, because the moment in the coal market — specific.

“Our main competitors — it is primarily Australia, Indonesia. It is therefore very important that we get the coal to these markets. And today the main and only channel of export BAM was objectively narrow neck,” said Andrei Belousov.

Here is also the head of the Federal Ministry of transport Eugene Dietrich. “Very high-tech mine”, he said.

“it is Very important to the miners feel, looking at the conditions in which coal is mined. You have to understand, a must see for every ton of exported coal people. It’s a family of miners,” — said Belousov.

a Transplant to the side of the face. Those who work in it is, of course, in the best sense of the word “labor aristocracy”. Miners in the Kuzbass region more than a hundred thousand people. In total for industry have the attitude million 300 thousand people — almost every hundredth adult Russian. And they mined more coal than in Soviet times. Game the long. At a briefing under ground the conversation takes the Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev.

– I put the task: 50 years of planning must have the coal. It is based on the intelligence, training and so on, — said Tsivilev.

China learn from the experience?

We started early. They have to learn from the experience. They are compared to us children.

More on the way we talk with those who stood at the origins of the restructuring of the coal industry, Anatoly Yanovsky, Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation.

“Almost none of the developing countries is not going to abandon coal: neither China, nor India. And it’s actually the only growing economy in the world,” said Janowski.

But what will happen to China now because of the coronavirus? Belousov believes that China in the eyes is restored. “Moreover, I will say that faster than many expected. I think that by the end of the first quarter of Chinese industry is about 95% from last year. And in the second quarter, of course, she will, I think, in excess”, — said Andrey Belousov.

That’s why when we came up to the surface, they witnessed the signing at the insistence of Belousova of the agreement between the Kemerovo region and the Russian Railways on monthly volumes of export of the Kuzbass coal to the East. And I must say that the Kuzbass, located in the middle of the country, is critically dependent on the railway by which the coal is for many days to the Pacific ocean (and from there to China, Japan, Southeast Asia), in Europe, even if there is its consumption for a variety of reasons “collapsing”. New reason for the “collapse” of the European economy, of course, the coronavirus.

of foreign experience will be taken, and that does not suit Russia?

the coupleflax monitoring the measures undertaken in European countries. As for the economy, the majority, the government is taking measures to mitigate demand. It is quite logical in their situations. But for Russia, we believe it is dangerous. In this situation we have to maintain production, — said Andrey Belousov.

– That is, translating the language of economists into the language of everyday life, order, like in Italy, to stay at home is not?

– While there is no such order. And intentions there are none.

How, to Russian companies first of all will be provided with government assistance?

“It’s the airlines, hospitality, tourism. As for small businesses, we have a lot of it in trade, construction. He now also provides a number of measures, which include including the deferred payment of taxes, prohibition checks, including field inspection of Federal tax service” — said Belousov.

But back into the ground. For a start — more about Europe and coal.

– I Think that you and I have enough friends in Europe who now see the surroundings of this interview, and for them it is anathema. Because everything must be on the wind, in the sun. The coal has a future? Maybe we in Russia are reactionaries of some kind?

– No consumption of coal in the world, nor the volume of world coal trade did not fall, and only continue to grow, — said Anatoly Yanovsky.

– What can you tell those who listen to us now? You, the author of the concept of restructuring of the coal industry of Russia, — the interested party and ignore the fact that coal is dirty.

– what’s clean? For example, solar energy is a flint bar. And the production itself silicon is extremely dirty. Will cover the topic of nuclear energy is that it’s clean? Yeah, like net. But the question of waste disposal from the activities of a nuclear power plant. We’re talking about energy storage, the development of electric vehicles. All — the issue of lithium. The production of lithium and its utilization. It is also not a trivial task. So the coal under the current modern technologies that exist in the world for its use, primarily in the energy sector Japan, Korea, China, Europe, no worse than any other energy sources.

here, on that other hydrocarbons like oil. First, Belousova asked to respond to the allegations of the Saudis. According to them, the new price of oil to blame “the Russian”.

– the Russian position was never to derail oil prices. This is an exclusive initiative of our Arab partners. Actually, this was mentioned by the Prime Minister. I can confirm this because I participated in the meeting, where he developed the Directive, — said Andrey Belousov.

– when Putin gathered all in Vnukovo-2?

– Yes, we were all going. Even oil companies, who are objectively interested in the markets, was not the position that it is necessary to break the agreement and come out of it. The basic idea was to preserve the agreement for another year. At least for the quarter, with a possible launch for a year. But Arab partners behaved differently.

as for oil prices, the Belousov stands his ground: he believes that no matter how it has varied in recent times, the market is about to be released (and already out) at a new equilibrium.

– My estimate is that the correction will be somewhere in the range of 35-40 dollars. There are estimates, including our energy, that it is even higher, over $ 40. The future will tell who is right, — said Belousov.

– this is a thing called “self-rescuer”. We have been instructed how to use it. What is a “self rescuer” of the Russian economy?

a Very important factor is the accumulated reserves. And the resilience we have acquired, especially after the crisis of 2008-2009. Especially after the sanctions, when projects were implemented import substitution. Suffice it to say that we from the bottomif dependence on Western loans about 2 times. This is a very important factor. In this respect we look at the situation calmly enough. This is evident by the behavior of the ruble. He is now completely in the area of currency movements in emerging markets. That is, any particular deviation does not exist.

Incidentally, the correction of courses occurred in the case of such a historical reserve currency as the British pound sterling. The whole world economy is now looking a new balance.

the margin of safety of the Russian economy Belousov absolutely sure. “I want to warn those who can hear me, about the possibility of speculation. Whoever decides to play on the weakening of the ruble, or, on the contrary, thinks that some of the levels are recorded, very much to lose”, — he stressed.

Actually, according to Belousov, the first text economy has already passed: “the Americans publicly stated that they now shoot with a Bazooka financial. Lowered its key rate to zero in fact. And we got the next day? Us markets fell more than 10%. But we markets held. In Russia, nothing dramatic that day in the financial markets has not occurred. While the situation is within an acceptable framework and under full control.”