“Currently, the Corona is dominated by crisis and the weakening global economy, energy markets,” explains Verivox-energy expert Valerian bird. Accordingly, the prices are likely to noise even further in the direction of the cellar. “Given the sharp fall in crude oil prices this Trend will continue, at least in the medium term,” says bird more.

of all things, loyal customers even pay for it

however, This is not a guarantee that you will automatically benefit from the price decline. Because whether an individual household paid really less, depends on the individual guest Arif. “The pricing in the different tariff groups is very different,” notes bird.

The basic service tariffs of the local utility have increased accordingly in the last twelve months even. Clearly against the Trend, as a look at the average price in the year of comparison: Verivox, according to a sample household, paid with an annual consumption of 20,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) in March of 2019, around 1220 euros per year. Now, there are an average of 1166 Euro, which represents a decline of 4.4 percent.

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“prices at times are more than halved”

compared to the wholesale prices, however, are Peanuts. “The border price for natural gas has fallen in the course of the year 2019 by about 27 percent,” says bird. At the spot markets, the prices would have halved at times, even more than. Many gas suppliers could make their customers even better deals.

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in fact, however, the vendor will give the winning game the room, as yet, hardly more. And usually only at the low Rates, the get only those who actively seek it. So the cheapest Fare of the local supplier Base has decreased in the past twelve months, from 1195 Euro 1183 Euro, so to just 1 percent.

prices for customers can even

rise worse it looks for those who are still stuck in the local basic service tariff: According to the Federal network Agency are currently around a quarter of all households. You had to accept an increase in cost of around 2.5 percent. Specifically, this means: In the case of an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh now 1462 euros will be charged. In March of 2019 there were 1426 euros.

Due to a change of Gas supplier is, however, strong to save: The best available guest Arif with recommended conditions is Verivox that is currently at an average of 925 euros a year.

500 Euro saving by changing from the basic supply tariff

In clear text: Every fourth household could secure through a change out from the basic supply tariff immediately more than 500 Euro per year and the average. In individual cases it can be even more.

GAS price COMPARISON (display)

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“These price differences make it clear that lower gas prices reach only the consumers that are actively looking a cheaper rate,” confirms bird.

prices for heating oil by more than 20 percent

dropped A similar picture emerges for heating oil. Here the prices have fallen since March, 2019 and by more than 20 percent. Thus, a Three-year is currently almost Low. A good time so the Tank will refill.

Gas and Oil May be in the future, even cheaper guarantees there is not but. After all: energy expert bird that you can make your decision a little more time: “Neither natural gas nor heating oil we currently see notes on rising prices.” Woman is appalled by the burglary, even though your home is optimally secured PCP’s wife is appalled by the burglary, although your house is well secured.