natural areas of the capital, you can find two native species of snakes — grass snake and adder. About this experts warn “Mospeada”.

Snakes and vipers listed in the Red book of Moscow. The second category of rarity has ordinary snakes. They can be found in 16 natural areas of the capital, among which the Park of the Museum-estate “Tsaritsyno” natural-historical Park “Izmailovo”, “bittsevskiy Les”, “Moskvoretsky” and “Silver forest”.

Snakes are absolutely safe for humans. They are great swimmers and love to be near water, eating frogs, mice, and very rarely fish. Their natural enemies — birds of prey and some mammals.

Often the snakes on the sides of the head may be characteristic bright yellow spots. Their body length can reach 1.5 meters. The head is oval, the transition to the body is almost unreadable, the pupil of the eye always rounded. Meet snakes with a pattern on the back.

the First category of rarity has an ordinary Viper, so the opportunity to meet her is very small. As a rule, snakes of this species live in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas.

the Viper eats small animals, mostly rodents, but birds, frogs and lizards are also included in its diet. Snake often hides under the roots of trees and other shelters.

the length of the body of the Viper is about 70 inches along the back can be a zigzag pattern of dark diamonds. The head is closer to a triangular shape and less smoothly into the trunk.

Many people confuse snakes with snakes that are not so harmless. Vipers are poisonous, but their venom is fatal to humans in rare cases.

How to behave when meeting with a snake in the woods

Almost no snake will attack the person first. Moreover, she will try to crawl away from danger.

Experts Mospeada is recommended not to approach the snake, not to do sharp movements, not to frighten and not to touch her. While Hiking in natural areas should be carefully look at his feet, but if you are going to walk through the woods, you should wear tight and high shoes.

Finding a snake in the yard or indoors, you must call the citywide call center by phone: +7 (495) 777-77-77.

In case of danger, snakes hiss, do lunges to the side, pretending to be dead. They bite in exceptional cases. Adder when danger turns body, menacing hisses and makes throws. Bites rarely, mostly this is the case when one comes to it or ignore aggressive behavior and reduces the distance.

If you are bitten by a Viper, move to shade, apply a compression bandage (but do not burn), drink plenty of water, reduce the load on the limb and immediately call your doctor.