OGE and EGE will try to hold the deadlines

When we came back from holiday from Cyprus their withdrawal was expecting. Kept going with her husband as timeshare, we put our two daughters in the car and go for walks deep in the woods. Who we are there can infect a possible coronavirus? Unless elks.

One walks, the second works from home. Logical and fair. However, the rules of quarantine, if not to cheat and to treat it responsibly, provide for the complete insulation with no walks. It turned out to be the most serious challenge for our children, accustomed to walk in any weather.

Even more serious challenge was waiting for us with my husband. Distance learning.

5 day isolation

at the end of the day, the head of the Department of education of Nizhny Novgorod Elena Platonova held a parent meeting online.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov Why study in online courses in isolation

what you need to be prepared to parents? According to Elena Platonova, to change the schedule of classes, structure of classes, their duration and content, forms of assessment and certification. She also assured that the student will not have to sit at the computer all six lessons.

moreover, now officials and teachers are doing everything possible to study did not last for the summer. Each school will have its own schedule for conducting the all-Russian verification work, tentatively in may. OGE and EGE Department of education hopes to hold at that time, provided that the normative documents.

What is required from parents? The head of the Department of education said that the main thing – to organize comfortable working place, to discuss with the child study time and rest. And, of course, to be in control.

In the school chat had already passed the survey on equipment families equipment for distance learning. Phones do not fit: minimum need tablets and better computers. It would be nice to have a microphone and headphones so as not to disturb other family members working or studying remotely. Need a good Internet that allows you to watch video.

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fortunately, we have it all. For the sake of interest I decided to see how much a simple used laptop. Working very average device in Nizhny Novgorod, you can take a 5 thousand. Of course, no guarantee that it will not break the next day. New to online store offer for 15.8 thousand. Every family budget will be able to transition to distance learning?

questions in the chat, it became clear that other problems can not be avoided. So very useful to have quickly developed a program to provide students with gadgets. And special rates from service providers, is designed for the needs of families who will have to pay more than one hundred rubles, so that the child can watch the lessons and to communicate with the teacher.

could use the lessons of computer literacy for parents, who know a computer is on the Internet browser, solitaire, and Microsoft Word. Yes, and for some teachers they would not hurt.

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when asked about the absence in the family was technically impossible to organize distance learning Elena Platonova said that teachers will adapt to the existing conditions. If you want – I use mixed form of education, when the child will come for individual consultations at HQOlu.

It’s intentions. The specifics seem to appear when everything starts. In the meantime, I’m afraid I’ll have to take some kind of family education, which I – frankly – couldn’t.

Quarantine, and distance learning. Who will win?

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