Officially presented the new generation Hyundai Elantra

the Model that Hyundai sells almost worldwide under the name Elantra and Avante, is the engine of sales: the first six generations have been sold on the planet with a circulation of almost 14 million copies. Stylistically, the new “Elantra” was even more bizarre than before, but have added considerably to the technology.

From the point of view of the platform nothing unexpected happened: the Elantra front remain independent suspension, but rear can be mnogorjadnoj or traditional beam – depending on the power unit. Much more spectacular changes in design: Elantra left chetyrehdverki, but tried on a suit “four-door coupe”.

In the Hyundai in favor of a new silhouette modernized and layout: the front overhang was shortened, the rear is bigger and the passengers are now slightly lower than before, and the salon itself is shifted to the rear axle. Changes in dimensions is minimal. A few tens of millimetres added to the wheelbase, length and width, but the height on the contrary, took. But it is alleged that the interior was roomier.

the exterior of the Elantra collected from sharp edges, sharp lines, intersecting punch and unexpected couplings. In the cabin of a radical architectural innovation is less (major – is perhaps the configuration of the Central console and new steering wheel), but the Elantra will amaze others: first of all, an abundance of multimedia technologies.

With this basic equipment has a relatively modest system with 8-inch screen and physical controllers, but even in the cheapest “Elantra” you can pair it with a smartphone Protocol Apple CarPlay or AndroidAuto, and without wires. But the more expensive versions will be equipped with two 10.25-inch displays, arranged in a single block.

Are the Hyundai Elantra will be able to understand voice commands to play the sound via speakers Bose, to regulate the speed and stay in lane. And sedan promised brand “digital key” app on your smartphone will allow you to open the car and start the engine.

it is Curious that innovation is almost not affected by the set of conventional internal combustion engine: with the change of generations of the sedan have kept the naturally aspirated 1.6 – and 2.0-liter engines which the Elantra is now sold in Russia (although, the classic slots have given way to modern CVT’s). But the global market for the first time, a sedan with a hybrid powertrain.

a Spark of 1.6-litre atmosfernika, working on the Atkinson cycle and electric motor will develop 141 HP and 264 Nm of torque. The battery design provides for a new nominal – capacity hidden under the rear sofa battery is 1.32 kWh, and the possibility of charging from third-party sources of electricity are not provided. How much the Elantra can drive on electric until you hear, but at Hyundai we hope that certification authorities will confirm their prediction for fuel consumption is 4.7 liters per 100 km. And it is this “Elantra” will receive the memorycache on the rear axle.

Production of the new sedan at factories in South Korea and the United States will start in autumn this year, then the Elantra is the seventh generation will appear in local dealerships. Exactly when the novelty will arrive to Russia, while not officially reported, but we can assume that it will happen or at the end of this year or early next.

Text: Avtovesti