For the first Time in Switzerland, with Viola Amherd (56) a woman Minister of defence. The Neo-Federal councillor is to be banished from their new colleagues in the defense Department (VBS) (VIEW reported). From military circles it is not hailing whether the Department allocation of such criticism. On the contrary: “I see this basically as a positive,” says Stefan Holenstein, President of the Swiss officers ‘ Association (SOG).

He believes that the CVP-woman, to bring a fresh breeze in the Department, and to set new accents. “She has now the Chance, this far under-appreciated, but for the security and stability of our country is absolutely Central Department to impose their stamp.”

criticism of Amherd-predecessor Parmelin

this analysis of the get stone, because of the still-reigning defense Minister, Guy Parmelin (59) has taken in his three years in VBS, just pegs. “It is certainly not an outlet, because many of the shops in VBS are still in the river”, shall be exercised by the SOG, the President of silent criticism. Numerous large broke hardware projects, such as the fighter jet procurement or the implementation of the development of the army. “It would have been of advantage, if the Federal Council Parmelin can conclude one or the other of them would have.”

These projects would now have to bring Amherd forward. “The procurement of new fighter jets will be for you to first big test. Because the business is Stalled.” You do well to create a careful analysis of the initial situation, without losing time. “You have to lead this important business without delay to success,” calls for get stone.

The Colonel is confident that the CVP Federal councillor has the tools for these tasks. “She has all the opportunities to succeed right from the start.” You need to simply occur as a clear Head, and also the unpleasant Dossiers consistently tackle. Then Amherd have the Chance to obtain a managerial culture change, “and with the right, competent and trustworthy guide people in their immediate environment”.

GSoA hopes on cost-consciousness in VBS

Far less optimistic Lewin Lempert (22), Secretary of the group for a Switzerland without an army (GSoA) is: “a woman at the head of the army, nothing will change for the GSoA.” The majority in the Federal Council and the Parliament remained the same, and, consequently, the reforms have to be realistic, as you wish the GSoA.

However, in certain points, Lempert hopes he is the designated Secretary of defense: “From a political point of view, I hope that the procurement of new fighter jets is significantly cheaper.” The GSoA have always been of the opinion that eight to twelve new flyer sufficed.

“I wish that Viola Amherd established a cost-consciousness in the VBS, so more tax money will be shot out of the window.” The army made recently with the expenses excesses of negative headlines (VIEW reported).