Office of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky responded to the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the potential of relations between Russia and Ukraine and about the ability of the two States become “a global competitor with a number of countries in Europe and in the world.” As stated in the office Zelensky edition of the Washington Examiner, the relations between Russia and Ukraine should not be determined by “geopolitical ambitions of individual leaders” and be based “on the relationship of people who live, work and create close seek peace on both sides of the border.”

Earlier the President of Russia in an interview with TASS for the project “20 questions to Putin,” said, why “take away” Russia and Ukraine. Cooperation between the two countries is not beneficial to a number of countries, as joint efforts of Moscow and Kiev, their features and benefits, creates for them a global competitor in Europe and in the world. Former executives of Ukraine, according to Putin, “trade Russophobia” with the aim to preserve what has been stolen from the Ukrainian people.

In the office Zelensky also reacted to Putin’s words about the creation of so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine in order to destroy the unity of Orthodoxy.

In Ukraine, said in Kiev, the Church and state are separated, and the recent unification of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine “was solely the decision of the people, initiated by the congregation adopted in accordance with the rules of the Church and institutionalized Church document — Tomos”.