As the Migros in October of 2017, your office, chain of Office World on need sold, surged cheering. And the same from three sides.

The orange giant was happy that he got rid of a problem child. The Office-Word-group (Owiba) was successful in the delivery of large customer, the Swiss Office World stores starved.

Also happy with the Austrian MTH Retail Group. Ten years had drilled their boss Martin Waldhäusl in the case of Migros, now he was able to take over the Office World and made entry to the Swiss market.

And thirdly, the Office-World employees happy. After all, Waldhäusl, the MTH Retail Group sent in a neighbouring country, the stationery chains leads Pagro and Libro, a clear Signal with respect to the 24 Swiss Office World stores: “In the medium term, we aim to achieve a doubling of the Swiss stores,” said Waldhäusl in mid-October of 2017 to the “Handelszeitung”.

loss of millions in the Canton of Valais

Now shows itself: In the short term, the MTH Retail Group builds. In the next few weeks, three stores will be closed. The Austrian red pen stores fall in Brig, Conthey, in the Canton of Valais, as well as the branch in Zurich village düben to the victim.

As internal documents reveal, accumulated in the two Valais branches in the last five years, losses of more than 1 Million Swiss francs.

the Office World managing Director Patrick Lobsiger confirmed the closures: “The two branches in the Canton of Valais to be repealed, because they were since the beginning of the year 2014 unprofitable, and the rent could not be optimized.” In dübendorf the base cost of rent and staff, were “too high in proportion to the revenue. Because we were with the landlord with respect to further term of agreement, is placed in this location.”

contradiction with a temporal logic

400 employees had been the end of 2017 in the Office-World group; according to the Lobsiger, it will be the end of 2019, about 360 of them. Because the seat in Zurich is closed, drop off there Jobs; a social plan to be running. For the employees the Bad News. Because the former expansion announcement is a poor match to reality, the closures brings.

“at first This may appear to be contradictory,” said Lobsiger, the process sequence but “a temporal logic”. In the medium term – in a period of three to five years in force, the growth target remains. “In the short term but we need to be first restructuring act.”

“, No other closures planned,”

A possible growth would not run, possibly under the Label of “Office World”. “Currently,” says Lobsiger, “we are thinking, the existing Office World stores with high-B2C-share in the medium term of re-positioning. With what name and with what concept is currently still open.”

last year, the project Pagro Suisse, the Swiss launch of the Austrian stationery-Discount-concept to delivery in-house. In Germany, Pagro is already tested.

Lobsiger like to say about this, nothing Concrete. To follow the launch in Germany and draw Lessons from it, “a Start of Pagro Suisse has not yet been decided”.

Additional red pencil inserts not to give it to, says Lobsiger: “as of today are scheduled for 2019, no further closures.”

This article was published in the “handelszeitung”. More exciting articles, see