The case of the in police custody and burned asylum-seeker Oury Jalloh will not be opened again. In the overall view of all opinions and of the more than 120 stuff a handwritten inflammation of the mattress by Oury Jalloh could not be excluded “statements”, said Juergen Konrad, attorney-General of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The office of the Prosecutor General dismissed a complaint by members and Supporters of the dead against the setting of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s office of Halle.

the audit had “no verifiable evidence that can exclude inflammation of the mattress by Oury Jalloh and inflammation by police officials or by a third party show”, Konrad. Evidence of a killing Jalloh’s or even conspiracy to commit murder, it does not give. “It lacks both a subject as well as the temporal opportunity to do so,” said the attorney-General.

In the message it is said also, in the case of the Thesis that Oury Jalloh – that was murder! it was “a purely speculative conjecture”. Also notes on a killing on racial grounds “are not evident”. And further: “The be used under the status of ‘institutional racism'” “from the air”.

The Initiative in remembrance of Oury Jalloh, who had supported the appeal, criticised the Procedure. She was “unfortunately not a Surprise, but given the present burden of proof is absolutely not understandable”. You rely on an expert opinion to be manipulated lighter of 2012 before the regional court of Magdeburg and an independent fire report of 2013. This proved, according to the Initiative, “that Oury Jalloh had not even fired”. Furthermore, they criticized the dealing with the lawyers of the family of Jalloh. You would only receive an incomplete inspection of the files and could thus submit incomplete statement of grounds of Appeal. Corresponding applications have rejected the General Prosecutor’s office of Naumburg. The Initiative is now considering further legal steps, and sets parallel to a in January 2018 conscripts, international, independent Commission to investigate and interdisciplinary workup of the Case.

Jalloh was on 7. January 2005 burnt been found in a cell in the police station of Dessau. He lay there on the hands and feet tied up on a mattress. The regional court in Magdeburg sentenced the former head of service in 2012 for negligent homicide to a fine, because he must Jalloh monitor better.

The Federal court of justice confirmed in 2014 the judgment, in which it was assumed that the man from Sierra Leone had set fire to the mattress itself. It but repeatedly expressed doubts. Especially the commemorative initiative of a murder.

The General Prosecutor’s office of Naumburg deprived of 2016, the Dessau public Prosecutor’s office the proceedings and transferred the case Jalloh to the Prosecutor’s office of Halle. This is the determination proceedings, on the ground that the procedure “did not have sufficient actual evidence for involvement of a third party to the arson”.

the end of 2017, the office of the Prosecutor General withdrew the investigative process due to the different valuation of the death circumstances of Jalloh’s again and confirmed the setting of the investigation.