Prosecutor’s office of Dortmund – a Former SS guard from the concentration camp Stutthof, before the court, The 94-accused-Year-old man is a hundred times more aid to the murder. He should have done from 1942 to 1944 in the concentration camp near Gdansk service. © Photo: Guido Kirchner/dpa

Before the regional court of Münster, the trial against a former SS guard in the German concentration camp Stutthof began. The Nazi crimes, specialized Dortmund public Prosecutor’s office accuses the 94-year-old man from the district of Borken in the münsterland region a hundred times more aid to the murder. At least 27,000 prisoners died by the end of the war in the concentration camp of Stutthof.

The defendant as a SS-guard in the German concentration camp near Gdansk from June 1942 to September 1944 service have done. He has not noticed, according to the prosecution, as the prisoners were killed. As a security guard, he should have a lot of gruesome murders. His service, he had begun as an 18-Year-old.

The defendant was pushed in a wheelchair in the courtroom. He listened to outwardly unmoved the narratives of the prosecution. It was about killing the prisoners with Gas, but also to targeted shooting in simulated medical investigations. Chief Prosecutor Andreas Brendel said the procedure prelude, in the Stutthof camp were gassed inmates, and in the back of the neck shot plants have been killed, as well as by Hunger and cold, died.

the method 17 in addition to plaintiff, including from Israel and the United States. They were represented on the first Day of the trial of eleven lawyers. The defenders announced that the 94-Year-old wants to Express in the course of the proceedings. The timing, however, is still open.

The International Auschwitz Committee, announced at the start of the process: “We, in particular, to the Survivors of the camp and their families for the courage and determination, in Münster as a co-plaintiff to testify thank you. This will be a painful day for all of you. You have to like all the Survivors, infinitely long in the German judiciary and to justice,” said Vice-President Christoph Heubner.

Until the middle of January 13 for further hearing scheduled dates. Originally a second defendant should sit in front of a court in Münster. However, it is debatable whether the man from Wuppertal negotiation. About approval of the indictment is to be decided at a later date.