Offered not to prosecute the sale of drugs without the fact of the transfer

the Amendments, according to the government, should shield citizens from involvement in the investigation of criminal cases initiated based on insufficient evidence of illegal sale of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG the President instructed to close access to sites with propaganda narkotikami supported a ban on the excitation of Affairs about the sale of drugs without the fact of their transfer

last year, of the nearly 26 thousand criminal cases against unidentified traffickers, the court has sent only 23, three defendants were acquitted. The fact of the initiation of proceedings in such cases, it is underlined in the explanatory Memorandum drew criticism as the suspects themselves and the society.

the Current practice of criminal cases on the first and fourth parts 228 article of the criminal code in relation to unidentified distributors found to be ineffective. The vast majority of them is allocated from the administrative cases of illegal consumption and death from overdose.